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           FIRST CLASS WIFE AND MOTHER AND MEDIUM MUSE.                               5-17-10

                                                                              Roy Garde.

When Caroline Jacobs’ long time friend dropped out of college, to get married and go away to Alaska where her husband had a new job on an oil rig, she tried to end her loneliness by dating a lot all through her junior year but by the end of it she gave up on going out altogether because she dismayed of ever finding a man who was even close to being on her wave length.

When it got to be the week before graduation she accepted an ‘invitation’ to a party given by the Dean to the ones who had made his list at one time or another and she met Gregg Wilson there.

He was tall and attractive and his hair hung down to his shoulders and he was the only one there who had dared to wear jeans and a t-shirt, and, most importantly, was there on his own, as was she, and – because the Dean’s wife followed a policy of making sure that every one in the room met everyone else – after a good deal of shuffling and channeling they found themselves together and the vibes started up immediately and as soon as they’d both obeyed the house rules they sought each other out and they found, and cleverly crowded into, an unassailable corner where they could talk.

They got on surprisingly well seeing how phony and near debilitating their introduction had been and so, when he asked her if she’d like to leave the party and go for a drink with him, she readily agreed but asked him to give her a few minutes to thank the Dean directly and thus meet her social obligation.

She’d already been accepted into Princeton to study International Affairs and he was finishing his freshman year at MIT where he was studying Computer Science.

He took her to a dark bar where he knew the owner and they sat in a secluded booth and got to know each other better.

After a couple of hours and a few single malts he confidently put his hand on hers and she immediately turned it over to be able to grasp his. With that their talk turned to where they were living, and with whom, and they both knew that the reason that they wanted that information was logistical and she won hands down because he was staying with old room-mates whereas she had her own studio apartment.

When they were sitting next to each other on her not-yet-deployed duvet, after she’d provided drinks, he said, “OK. Where is it and what’s the problem?”

“Huh? I don’t know what you mean.”

“I think you do. When I told you that I’m into computer science I saw a light go on in your eyes and that always means that whoever it is would like some help with a PC or a laptop or something. Right? True? So where is it? Let’s get it done and get it out of the way and then we can talk some more.”

“Oooooh! How prescient you are and how shallow the rest of us are. Well, I do have a couple of questions about connecting up my new laptop to the internet but I’d like to leave that until just before you leave here tomorrow morning if that’s all right with you?”

He thought that that was an admirable idea and he said so as he reached to take the glass out of her hand and then, when he’d put it down on the side table, he reached for her.

‘Compatible’ was the word that they both agreed on when they woke up, side by side, the next morning.

He’d had a fine time introducing her to new positions and undreamed of, by her, procedures and she’d gone along with all of them enthusiastically if somewhat bemusedly. So, when he’d mounted her conventionally at last she was highly relieved and was able to concentrate on getting the maximum possible pleasure available to her but was surprised to find that, with an extra special partner, no matter how selfish she wanted to be it was close to impossible to not employ well-proved self-satisfying muscle flexings and rhythm changes and long and short reachings and provocations, and even almost impossibly delicate and secret nuances, without providing a lot of extra pleasure for that partner.  And that was enhanced even further when she found that he was discovering the truth of it at the same time.

She brought him the newspaper along with breakfast and when they’d dealt with both and had discarded the paper sections and had put the tray on the floor he said, “Well, shall we go and fix your problems with your laptop, or what?” and she opted for, “What.”

                                          //                                                                             //

Her landlady was delighted when she asked her if she could extend her lease through the summer and he moved in with her later that same day. He stayed with her until his summer job at the university was finished and when he drove north, on his way back to Boston, she rode with him and they stopped at her parent’s house and although they were unhappy with him, because he’d kept their daughter away from them all summer, as soon as they saw them together they forgave him and when it got to be bedtime that night Caroline, who had been apprehensive about sleeping arrangements, was happy to find that the bed in the spare room hadn’t even been made up.

She asked her mother about that in the morning, when they were alone, and she said, “Ha! One look at your faces was all that it took. Actually, I’d made up both beds but after seeing how nice he is and how you two are clearly made for each other I went up and stripped the one in the spare room.”

Caroline started in Princeton, as planned, and Gregg didn’t mind the long train journey to see her at the weekends because he could do good work on his lap top in the ‘quiet carriage’ on the way down on Friday afternoons and he could catch up with his sleep on the way back on the Sunday nights.

He’d fully intended to stay in MIT to get a Masters degree but recruiters from a San Francisco company, who were impressed with his work, persuaded him to join their company where, besides getting a generous salary and the best perks in the business, he was also allowed to work openly on getting his Masters. When he told them that he wanted time to think about their offer they wanted him so badly that they sweetened the deal by telling him that they’d pay all of his past and future tuition fees if he’d shake on it there and then.

Caroline took his news badly because that made for a really long commute but she saw that it was a wonderful offer for him so she reluctantly acquiesced. He flew back for Xmas and spring break and she joined him permanently when she’d graduated.

They both agreed that she should stop taking the pill and when she got pregnant they got married and she went looking for a bigger apartment.

                                         //                                                                      //

Four years later, and a son and a daughter later, saw them living in the same place but she’d found that although he still loved her as much as ever the balance between work and family had slowly tipped in favor of work as he began to put more and more of his time and energy into it.

Both of her babies had given her a hard time getting born and it took a great deal of patience on his part, and a great deal of determination on her part, before things got to be close to normal again for them in their love life but it never did as far as frequency and quality was concerned.

She’d done lots of exercises to tone up her pubococcygeal muscles, as per Mr. Kegal’s recommendations, and had pretty much succeeded in making her birth canal revert to being a love canal again after bringing their son into the world but although she doubled and re-doubled her efforts after their daughter was born she found – as did Gregg at first hand – that when they made love she could never again relax into the moment because the only way that she could provide a provocative sheath for him, rather than a wide hole in which he’d have had to bang his penis against the sides, was to exercise the appropriate muscles while being very careful to stay in synch with his thrusts and withdrawals to avoid courting catastrophe.

He was, as ever, lovingly attentive when he was, more and more rarely, driven to get it on and he’d do all of her favorite things and see to it that she always had an orgasm before mounting her but still, when it got to be time for him to start moving with more purpose, he’d have to use his toes to lift his legs clear of her and she’d know from that that it was time for her to close her own legs and squeeze them together for him and to stay alert and ready to open them wide again when full openness, to prolong his  pleasure, was called for.

It was impossible for either of them to not be sadly aware that those maneuvers were going to be required every time that they made love from then on and it saddened her to know that he was expertly practicing polite stoicism while knowing that there was nothing for it but to keep on keeping on without ever talking about it because what, after all, was there to say?

However, one thing stayed the same: he’d always liked to wallow on, and in, her for a long time after injecting her – he called it, “letting it soak,” but they she knew that he was simply indulging in macho-ism in that wanted to revel in, and prolong, the combination of triumph and domination and satiation that he’d had to work hard for – and they became adept at sleeping for hours with him in that position when he’d learned, before settling in, to take the weight of his upper body onto his elbows to spare her from having to support it. She not only didn’t mind lying still for him but she actually liked having the full-body contact.

They lucked into being offered a large house on the outskirts of the city for an affordable price – affordable in that time of insanely inflated prices only because one of the perks that his company gave was loans at zero interest – and it had five bedrooms and six bathrooms and a large dining room and a sitting room and a huge kitchen that had an alcove with room for a table and six chairs in it.

It took them months before they got to be comfortable with living there because of the size of it but they eventually settled in and learned to use all the space to advantage.

 One day Gregg came home earlier than usual and his face was shining with elation and he told her that he and three of his colleagues had come up with a startlingly new idea that afternoon at a bull session in a coffee shop about how it could well be possible to write a program that would give PC users a “vamped-up method of displaying correlations and conclusions simultaneously without losing on-going adaptations” – that’s what Caroline thought that he’d said but even if he’d written it down it would still have been as clear as mud for her – and that they were all going to quit their jobs and split the program up into four parts and get to work on it at once.

They’d all been well paid over the years and had saved most of it because they’d worked so hard for so many hours that they’d had little use for money – so much so that years before their company’s payment practice had had to be changed because the accountants had been driven to distraction by the habit of the, in their opinion, ridiculously way-overpaid hands-on employees of depositing their paychecks in a desk drawer instead of in their bank accounts and so, when the bean-counters had protested often enough, weekly automatic direct deposits into bank accounts became mandatory and the number of zeros that showed on their monthly statements would have surprised them if they’d bothered to read them.  Seeing that none of them had money problems they didn’t have to go searching for venture capital until really big bucks were required.

Gregg wouldn’t look in his wife’s eyes when he said, “Uh, we – that is, I – was thinking that we could save a whole lot of money if we worked here instead of having to rent a place. So – uh – what do you think, honey? You’ve got to admit that there’s plenty of space, right? You see, all three of them live in studio apartments.”

She, of course, agreed and they took over the dining room, with its big table being called on to do duty as a communal desk and worktable, and the other guys brought expensive looking electronic equipment from their homes and when they were set up all four of them worked through all the hours that God sent and they crashed, almost literally, on the carpet in the same room.

At first they sent out for pizza three times a day but Caroline put a stop to that – if only because her husband was one of the ones who was seemingly quite willing to exist on it – and so she cooked for them and found that as long as she provided steak in some form or another it didn’t much matter to her ‘guests’ what she provided with it, whether it was spaghetti or rice or potatoes it got wolfed down, but her greens, no matter how varied or how cleverly prepared and presented, were always left, politely undisturbed, on their plates.

One evening when, for once, just the two of them were eating dinner Gregg told her that he’d been told about a magazine article that recommended that creative people should try utilizing their sexual energy to help solve intricate problems in their working lives and he asked her if she’d let him experiment.

He told her that it interested him especially because his parents had been, literally, tree huggers and his father had explained to him once that he strongly believed that if someone puts both hands onto the trunk of a mature tree and appeals to it thus, “Oh, mighty tree,” for some reason that was never gone into he used fourteenth century Olde English for the task, “please allow me, however unworthy, to beg of you the favor of accepting my anger and my ennui and my angst and be kind enough to absorb them and then send them up to your very most upperly twigs and leaves and allow the mighty winds to distribute them abroad to all and sundry.”

He had no idea what ‘ennui’ and ‘angst’ were but when he experimented he felt a definite flow of something moving from him to the tree which left a lasting impression.

His mother cautioned him to do it only in their garden because if their neighbors saw him hugging and appealing to trees that were standing in the street they might get a little concerned.

That night in their bed Gregg, it was an unusual practice for him but he was following the instructions in the magazine article, concentrated on the things that mostly only got himself excited and then he mounted her and once he was all the way inside her he stayed still and appealed to – he knew not what – for enlightenment and then tried to stay in a receptive mode as he wallowed.

Once she’d shucked off the disorientation that came from having him fully erect and inside her but not moving, and had become reconciled to the fact that there wasn’t going to be any pleasure at all for her in this particular exercise of his, Caroline philosophically accepted her lot but she was sure that she’d never be able to get a lick of sleep while he was following his new regime but, in fact and because she wasn’t getting any signals to stay awake, she soon dozed off but was then woken up – in what she thought had to have been hours later but when she looked at the illuminated clock she saw that less than a half hour had gone by – when he pulled out of her and then he got out of bed. She gave him a minute and then tracked him down and she found him in the dining room avidly keying away his laptop. She went back to bed and he joined here there sometime later and they slept until the alarm clock went off and when she looked over again she saw that he must have changed the setting on it because it had woken them up an hour before she had to get up to start breakfast for everybody. When she asked him why he said that he was really enthusiastic about what had been ‘vouchsafed’ to him – Olde English again – the night before when he was doing his first reception/wallowing bit and he pleaded with her to let him do it again.

She said “Of course dear,” and then turned onto her back for him and opened up.

When it got to be close to her usual time to get up she told him so and he disengaged and got out of bed and pulled on his robe before going back to his laptop and she had to give up on calling him to come and eat breakfast and then, a little later, she had to nearly drag him away from the table to get him to drive their son to school.

From then on it became his habit to do the communicating thing every night and then get up to do some work and then repeat it every morning. That continued until the project was completed.

Came the day when their four separate parts of the overall program had to be checked for compatibility and Caroline had guessed that something big was coming when she noticed that two bottles of vintage Champagne had appeared in her ‘fridge.

That afternoon she heard whoops of joy coming from the dining room and she was fetched and made to drink champagne with them and she’d never seen so many ecstatically joyous faces in her life nor had she heard so many modest, blushing, boyish variations of, “Aw, shucks. I just did my part like the rest of you.” in her entire life.

When the wine was finished nothing would do for them but to go out and celebrate and so she insisted on going along as designated driver because one of the ‘boys’ was her husband, after all.

They’d all had to quit their jobs before getting started on the project because if they hadn’t the end result would have belonged to their bosses and when they’d made it known that it was finished and ready for marketing their old company was one of many who made a generous bid to finance and market it for them but because they could then pick and chose among many eager investors they decided on a private firm of VC’s and then chose to do all of the initial setting-up work themselves to retain as much control as was possible.

They opened an office and a plant in an area that was conveniently located and in less than a year they knew that their new company was going to be successful.

Sometime later Caroline was invited to come down and see the new extension to the office/factory building “any morning you like and we’ll have lunch” and she picked a day in which, after dropping off both kids, she had to go that way on an errand.

When she was talking to her husband in his office, after having made the tour, a well-dressed good looking nubile young woman burst in through the door calling out “Gregg, will you look at th – ” and although she recovered her composure quickly and then dealt with the introductions smoothly Caroline had already intuited that the two of them were more than just colleagues. At the same time it became dismayingly clear to her why, a few months earlier when he’d no longer needed to use her to seek out inspiration, Gregg had begun to plead exhaustion on week nights and had taken to going straight to sleep and he only asked her for sex on Sunday afternoons when the kids had been farmed out to various grandparents.

 She was forced to accept the devastating revelation at once but, to be sure, she hired a PI to do some spying and he sent her a report two weeks later that said that the two always left the office separately at lunch time and then met up in a quiet restaurant and on three of the five days that he’d observed them they’d left the restaurant a half hour later, again in their own cars, and had then driven to a motel where they stayed for around one hour each time and then left for their office separately.

She wanted no truck with such deception and she showed her husband the report a second after he arrived home that same night and he recognized her resolve and went upstairs without a word and a half hour later he drove off with three suitcases.

A few months later she received divorce papers from his lawyer but she put them in a desk drawer and refused to even read them no matter about sign them.

Gregg came to get the children every Saturday afternoon and he brought them back the next day. On one such Sunday he found her in the kitchen reading the paper and he sat down and asked for a coffee but she told him, without looking up, “Get it yourself. You know where everything is.”

He didn’t want to be with her in the face of such surliness and so he stood up again and began to walk out. At the door he turned and said, “Caroline, you know that I’ll always love you, don’t you?”

She didn’t acknowledge his question in any way and so he left but if he’d stayed around to listen at the door he would have heard her start to cry as she spluttered out, “Me too. Oh, how I wish you’d leave that tight, skinny-assed young bitch and come home to us.”

Because their company got to be increasingly successful over the years they often got offers of buy-outs from other companies but the four principals were still developing their product and so they weren’t interested in selling and they put off all queries the easiest way which was by saying, “Sure it’s for sale and it can be yours for a measly half billion dollars.”

When the figures came out at the end of their fifth year in business their old company, now bigger than ever, somehow knew exactly what the bottom line was and the next day its CEO called and asked them to please come in for a talk and they were to bring their accountants so that they could count beans with his own.

When it got down to cases Gregg told them that they wanted one hundred million each and they were offered two hundred and fifty million total and then, mis-interpreting the fact that four pairs of eyes were cast down, in silent awe, for disdainful rejection, they up-ed their offer by fifty million, “That’s as high as we can go.” – Gregg’s new company was awash in cash and more was pouring in every minute and his old company’s accountants knew that counter offers would be made as soon as the word got spread around that this here meeting had taken place and because their CEO had told them earlier that he wanted to buy his erstwhile employees’ business, “no matter what it takes,” they were so fearful of failing him that they tossed in the extra fifty at once although they’d agreed beforehand that they’d only reluctantly let themselves be persuaded to increase their initial offer – and when the foursome realized that it had been a bona-fide offer they came out of their daze and asked to be left alone to talk among themselves.

They all knew at the very minute that the unbelievably huge figure had been proffered what their answer was going to be but when they’d acknowledged that fact to each other they agreed to stay where they were for a half hour to make it look as if they were locked in debate and were considering their options. The options that they actually pondered on were of the order of whether to buy a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce or a Ferrari or a Lamborgini and, when that had been decided on, in what color.

When everything was settled the contract stated that they’d all four agreed to stay on as principals for two years with a generous salary, as was standard practice in similar buy-outs, and also that they’d agreed to not start another company in a related field for at least three years after that. After signing they had to call a limo to take them all home because, wisely, they didn’t trust themselves to drive their own cars.

It took a couple of weeks for the buy-out to be announced to the public and on that same day Gregg decided to go around to Caroline to tell her at first hand the wonderful news. He took with him papers that showed that he’d paid off the mortgage, and had put the house in her name, and that he’d set up trust funds for their two kids and had arranged a generous monthly allowance for her that was to be paid directly into her bank account.

She was so relieved to know that her money worries were over forever that she said the hell with convention and she took his face in her hands and kissed him on the mouth enthusiastically.

He moved into an attack mode and when his tongue got involved she melted in need but just then their son came home and they had to break away from each other and sit down to hide the fact that their knees were shaking and to get their hearts to stop driving a large portion of their blood down to their melding equipment.

When that same blood got re-assigned to supply their brains they both realized that it wasn’t yet time to get back together and so he had a beer and played with his son for a while and then he went home to his latest girl friend who was, as Caroline well knew, barely half his age.

The two years of employment in their ex-company that they’d agreed to couldn’t go faster enough for the four partners because on the first real vacation that Gregg had ever taken he’d cut it short to be able to get back to his office because he’d come up with another idea – this one was concerning the lowering of the amount of drain on lap top’s batteries and it had a very welcome side benefit of lowering the time needed to boot them up – and when he’d explained it to the other three they all agreed with him that it was both doable and marketable.

Unfortunately the same rules as with the first project still applied as far as who could claim ownership of any work of theirs and so they were careful to not start in on it, seriously, until they were free again.

When enough time had gone by to let them quit they did so and then rented office space and they equipped it fully and then they split up the work evenly again and each one tackled his part but, of course, the part that called for inspired innovation on a continuous basis was assigned to Gregg.

Gregg knew that something was very wrong as soon as he’d gotten past the initial setting up of his portion and it was time to write the ground-breaking creative program that was the core of the whole project.

 Two weeks later he knew for sure that he was getting nowhere and he took his frustration home with him every night. He remembered well where he’d found inspiration the last time and so, of course, he tried to get his girl friend to help him but she’d have none of it – love making for her was just that, making love – and although she’d obeyed him in all things when she’d worked for him, because he was her boss, and she always deferred to him when they were alone and vertical – because he was, after all, a multi-millionaire who paid the bills – when they were horizontal she opened her legs for him only when she wanted him sensually or as a reward or for political, or strategic reasons but then only when he’d worked diligently on her – and so allowing him to use her to find inspiration was out of the question.

As for wallowing in general – she didn’t mind keeping still and bearing his weight for a few minutes, to allow him to ‘let it soak’ after it had done its job and had gotten her awash with semen – but she categorically refused to let him do it for much longer than that.

He didn’t insist, as he could have, mostly because he knew that it wouldn’t have worked anyway seeing that he had to maintain an erection to be able to stay receptive and she was so tight, and thus so exciting, that, once it was all the way inside her, just by breathing she kept him very aware of what he was at and it’s potential for getting pleasure and, also, Mother Nature would soon begin to insist, invariably successfully, that Her priorities were to take precedent over frivolous experimentation.

One night, when he was really desperate, he tried to sneak some fully erect wallowing-time past her guard and he forced himself to defy Mother Nature’s urging even when his partner began to hip-heave and do some friendly bottom wiggling for him. He forced himself to stay still and he managed to do so for so long that he began to get some tantalizing hints that he was close to being inspired but just then, realizing what he was doing and fully exasperated by it, she retaliated by bucking him completely off her unceremoniously.

By doing that she not only dashed his hopes but she also exposed his vulnerability to the cold night air, which made him feel orphaned because a large amount of shock is involved when that happens. The combination of the two things made him say some unforgivable things to her and because they were just that, unforgivable, they both knew that he had to get out of the bedroom right then and then move out of the splendid new apartment that he’d bought and, alas, had put in her name.

He spent that night in a hotel and then he rented a studio apartment that was within easy walking distance of his new office, which, ironically, meant that he could then spend even more time writing a program that he knew wasn’t viable even as he was laboring to create it.

At one of the get-togethers that the four colleagues held weekly to compare progress the other three lost patience when Gregg’s latest presentation turned out to be not much more than a repetition of what he’d offered them at the last two meetings and so they demanded answers to some serious questions that he couldn’t answer which made him aware that they were seriously thinking about abandoning the whole project – they really got his attention when one of them had let slip that they were all three thinking about going on a six month tour of Australia in that same year and it was already May – and so he asked them to give him one more month to come up with something before giving up.

What he came up with was to get on his knees to Caroline to ask her to take him back.

When she knew for sure that he was asking permission to do what she’d been praying for ever since he’d left her she answered, “What a silly question, Gregg. I’m your wife and this is your home and so of course we want you back.”

 The children were overjoyed when they got home from school and saw him there and when they’d been told the joyous news about it being permanent the evening passed in a nearly euphoric way for the whole family.

In bed that night Gregg was very solicitous and he gave her a series of loving orgasms before mounting her and when he found that she was just as slack as ever he felt very relieved. They then went smoothly through their once well used and never to be forgotten routines that included, of course, the closing and opening of her legs for him at appropriate times.

In the morning the alarm clock woke them both up and she saw that it was still dark outside so she looked over and then realized that he’d advanced the alarm clock by one hour. When they’d both gotten back from the bathroom he pulled at her to get her to lie on her back and then he mounted her without ceremony and he got himself hard by rubbing himself on her belly – knowing that doing that didn’t arouse her – and then he entered her and got on with some inspiration garnering in total comfort while knowing that it could go on uninterrupted for as long as was needed.

After about fifteen minutes, or so, inspiration of startling quality came to him and when he was sure that he’d secured it firmly he disengaged hurriedly and went to his laptop to write it out.

It was a bit demeaning for her but she loved having him home again, and sharing her bed, so much that she wouldn’t have complained for the world.

Later on in the morning he went through the same routine, with the same happy result, and they continued down that path for several days and at the next meeting of the four partners Gregg was able to show them the beginning of a program that was ground breaking-ly clever and jaw dropping-ly innovative.

                                              //                                                                           //

Six years later saw the end of the now familiar – to all and sundry – procedure in which a new company got started up and put into business and got bought out and the time had passed in which the four partners had had to stay around to run it but they hadn’t quit because Gregg hadn’t come up with a new idea.

However, what he had come up with – a scant year after the programming for the new concept was finished – was to succumb to the charms of yet another lithe ‘tight skinny assed’ junior associate at his new office and he’d left Caroline again.

 Their company’s policy was, sensibly, that everybody ate in the same cafeteria and at lunch time one day the four partners were sitting at a small table when Gregg heard a voice behind him pipe up with, “Isn’t it time that some one came up with a way to include infinity in equations?”

Gregg was infuriated that an employee of his could have even thought up such a stupid question. It belonged at about fourth grade level and its inanity is easily and solidly established because if infinity is introduced on both sides of an equation and then an attempt is made to do something, anything, to it or with it, the next steps will invariably give a ludicrous result that defies established math. For instance, it takes only five seemingly logical steps to prove that 1 = 2. QEF.

He turned around and was relieved to see that it had come from a boy of around ten years of age who was with a school group that was having lunch after a tour of the facilities.

But then, in the fraction of a second that it took for him to turn his head back to the front, an idea hit him that made him forget to breathe for several seconds.

He needed to be alone so he got to his feet and hurried out into the fresh air.

His three long time partners looked at each other and they didn’t have to say anything but they all knew that their time in their present jobs was about to come to an end.

It had occurred to Gregg, in that instant in time, that if he kept infinity ‘at hand’ in one of the methods that are in general use for security encryption purposes using prime numbers and then ‘referred’ rejected searches to it rather than having to delete them he could save mille-seconds which, taking into account the vast numbers of searches that are being employed on a continuous, round-the-clock basis in just about every country in the world and knowing the extraordinary number of digits that are used in each procedure, could add up to being of enormous importance and not only in the encryption field but in the entire field of cyber space programming.

He was well aware of the amount of work involved to first establish the feasibility of his theory and then to prove it out and then, although the very thought of ‘messing’ with infinity – “that’s a very big number indeed” – was daunting, to say the least, he could hardly wait to get to his office and close the door and power up his computer and open a new document that he’d already decided to call, ‘A New Step Across An Old Frontier.’

He got home really late that night and found that his current girl friend was already asleep but he couldn’t hold back from waking her up with champagne at hand and the wine and his enthusiasm bubbled over enough to make her excited for him.

He was so enthusiastic that he made the mistake of asking her to take the role of medium to let his muse have a way of communicating with him and she readily agreed until he told her what it entailed, which gave her pause, but she pushed aside her dubiousness and gamely went along with him.

Her name was Brittany and she was one year less than a half of his age, which was pushing fifty, and so her juices were still flowing in abundance and consequently when ever she had a man’s penis to hand, as it were, no matter about having one deep inside her, none of her reactions came under the title of ‘park’ or ‘hold’ or ‘stay still.’

She humored him by letting him try – she even enthusiastically aided him to get to be fully ready to proceed because that part she well understood and could accept – but when he got to be all the way into her and had stayed passive for around twenty seconds the thing got to be impossible for her and so she reacted and, a couple of seconds after that, it became overly difficult for him too.

He didn’t sleep much that night because he’d gone from feeling exuberant to suffering with apprehension from knowing, unequivocally, what his next step had to be and the ramifications appalled him.

Not the least of which, by any means, would be having to say goodbye to Brittany who was not only wonderfully acrobatic in his bed but who also brought untold joy into his life just by being in it. Also, he knew that he’d have to kiss the wonderful apartment that he loved goodbye, again.

 He hoped upon hope that Caroline would be reasonable about letting him keep Brittany in his life but when he approached her, and offered her terms, her first, and close to her only demand, was that he kissed, no, that he gave the girl marching orders post haste and promised to never contact her again. Telling him that Brittany was younger than their daughter didn’t help him at all – in fact it did the opposite – but the need to get back into contact with his muse was easily urgent enough to over-ride and negate his d’ruthers.

 So. He moved back in with his wife and they vowed to work hard on trying to make it permanent that time and when they went to bed he was again savvy enough and gracious enough to employ all of the techniques that he’d developed over the years that excited her only and so he was able to give her several, much appreciated orgasms – she’d never so much as thought about allowing another man into her bed in the times that he’d deserted her – and then he mounted her conventionally and – to give credit where it’s due – he chivalrously arranged to not signal his pleasure when he found that she hadn’t closed up at all during the years of her drought.

Well, almost.

 It took him a full year to pin down the procedure that would most likely work for the project at hand – during that time he’d had to call on his muse so often that he’d had a bed put into the room next to his office at home and he’d call Caroline to come and do her duty a half dozen times, or so, every day – and when he’d gotten that far into his new program he called in his three partners and laid it out for them and they were astonished at the brilliance and the audacity of his proposal and, at the same time, they were appalled at the amount of work that would have to be done but there was no way that they didn’t want to be a part of it.

 They are still going at it to this day and they can see no end in sight but the journey is very rewarding indeed.

 Caroline has long insisted, through sheer necessity, that every time that she lies down for him he, first off, has to give her a friendly orgasm, orally, and, further to that, one of every dozen of their bouts has to end with the transfer of his fluids. She brought those rules into force not just for her health’s sake but to remind Gregg that she was his woman first and his medium second.

 Although she’s reasonably sure that her husband won’t leave her again – she’s positive sure that he won’t cheat on her until the current project is, if it ever is, completed because not only does his punishing schedule keep him close to being exhausted at all times but he also finds it difficult to satisfy her rule, however modest, regarding every twelfth visit by her to the downstairs bed – her friends, knowing like everyone else in Silicon Valley that something big was in the offing, prevailed upon her to consult Gregg’s old lawyer, just in case, and after giving careful thought to the matter, she called and arranged for an interview.

When she was sitting across from him in his office she told him that she wanted to have a contract drawn up, she guaranteed that her husband would sign it, to the effect that he and she were to be equal partners in the coming new company that was long anticipated by everybody in the field but not yet set up.

The lawyer told her that if she had her husband’s approval he’d be pleased to draw up anything that she wanted but, seeing that she’d said something about being ‘equal partners’ with her husband, would she mind answering a few basic questions first?

She agreed to that at once and he asked her about her up-bringing and education and work experience and then he said, “Well now, let’s talk about this company that’s going to be incorporated – uh, I hope that will be done by using this office’s expertise and facilities again and, if I may make so bold, I’d like to prevail on you to be good enough to remind your husband about our past excellent working arrangements? – Good, thank you. Well then, if, shall we say, this new company is called ‘Wilson, Inc.’ am I right in supposing that the hierarchy will be similar to his previous ones in that the three partners who were working with him then still do to this day? Yes? Yes, I thought so because I’ve been so informed several times over the last few years and, I must say, that amount of compatibility over many years is both admirable and remarkable. Indeed, I’d go so far as to add that it’s probably unheard of before this.

“Huh, do you, Madam, or does anyone else, have any idea as to when this new company is going to become, uh, operative? No. Ah, then I’ll just have to be patient like everybody else, right? Yes.

“Well then, let’s see, Gregg Wilson will, of course, be the President and the CEO and his three partners will be VP’s in charge of different departments. Correct? Yes, well now, do you have any suggestions as to where you’ll fit in and what your title will be?”

“I certainly do. Pass me that pad and a pen please – – – – Thank you.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“There, it’s done. I told you at the beginning of this conversation that I want to be my husband’s equal in this new company and so I want its – uh, masthead is it? Or is that only for newspapers? All right then, let’s use your word ‘hierarchy’ – well, whatever, uh, this is how I want it to look – – – ”

She handed over the pad: –

                                                                   Wilson & Wilson, Inc.

                  Gregg Wilson                                                                                    Caroline Wilson

                Jt. Pres & CEO                                                                                   Jt. Pres & DOC


Josh – V/Pres of whatever.                    Alan – V/Pres of whatever.                     Bob – V/Pres of whatever.


When the lawyer had gotten over his dismay he reluctantly lifted his head back up and read what she’d written again and then he swallowed and then told her that the only thing that ‘DOC’ brought to his mind was ‘Department Of Corrections’ and seeing that she definitely wasn’t aiming for that would she be good enough to tell him what her acronym stood for?

She replied, “Well, it shouldn’t even be an acronym because the word ‘GOD’ would be closer to what I’m aiming for but I guess that that won’t do so I’m going to have to settle for ‘DOC.’ ”

“Well really, Mrs. Wilson! ‘GOD!’ – – – – I’d like to remind you that we’re dealing with a serious matter here and frivolity is most inappropriate. I really can’t, nor do I want to go anywhere near that, so please let’s just pretend that you didn’t say it, shall we? Can we do that? – – – Good.

“Hmmph! Well now, let’s see. Where were we? – – – Ah yes. Now that I’m familiar with your background I know that ‘DOC’ isn’t short for ‘Doctor’ and, for the same reason it can’t stand for ‘Department Of the Controller’ – you’d have to have an MBA, at least, for that – – – so, well let’s see. Uh – – – well there’s ‘Duty Officer in Charge?’ No, no, that’s close to being meaningless. Uh, well what else is there? – – – – Ah, but wait! Is it ‘Director Of Contracting?’ No! Then I give up. What is it?”

“Sorry, but it’s none of the above. My title is to be, ‘Delphic Oracle Consultant.’ ”

“ ‘Delphic’ what? What the f – – – !”

“Yes. You heard correctly. I’m to be the company’s Delphic Oracle Consultant and please see to it that my name, followed by ‘Joint President’ and then ‘DOC’ appears at the very top of the – uh – the list of officers of the company as I’ve already indicated.
“As to your question regarding a time frame – well, I’d like to know that too so when I get home from here my husband will undoubtedly come running, eager to enter my grotto to consult with his muse in my Delphic oracle, and I’ll ask him to plead with IT or with HIM – uh, come to think about it, it’s more likely to be a ‘HER’ in the circumstances, don’t you agree? – to vouchsafe a starting date to us poor mortals here below.”