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       This is page 96 but it has story number 100 attached to it – pages 56 and 71 both have 3 S. Stories – and to mark the occasion I’m giving you a long story that is – along with “The Turkish Carpet.” and “Hey Now! Be Really Careful With Those Scissors.” – my favorite.

      It is heavily over-explicit in places but when you realize that it’s about a whore – you already know that the ladies of the oldest profession live their lives, every day and every night, in deplorable over-explicitness that doesn’t employ mere words – and about a simple, uneducated, lay-about of a man whose life is ruled by his immediate feelings, you’ll understand why it’s necessary.

      I’m going to stop adding to this website with story number 111 on 11-11-11 (believe it or not, I have never been superstitious!) because I started on 09-09-09 and so that seems fitting.

      Roy Garde.

                                                  TAIL IN TWO CITIES.                               8-22-11

                                                             Roy Garde.

     My second-cousin’s daughter, Lisa, had been living with me ever since her mother had been evicted from her apartment and had brought her to my trailer and then dumped her on me after saying, “I’m sorry, John, but there’s no one else and I’ve got to go,” and had then run off to San Diego.

     Lisa was understandably very unhappy but not even half as unhappy as I was. I remember that she cried for hours for her Mama but she was too young to understand, for long, how big the catastrophe was that had happened to her and she eventually turned her affection towards me and so I, reluctantly, decided to keep her and learn how to look after her properly.

     That is by buying the right food and appropriate clothes and diapers, and all that.

     Unfortunately, I didn’t know anything about raising a baby to see to it that it develops into being a happy child and then a confident teenager which meant that I didn’t do much holding nor touching nor cuddling and by the time that I learned that all of that is essential it was too late for Lisa. It got so that by the time that she was walking properly she didn’t like to be held for more than two seconds and so, later on and because of the same thing I guess, she never made any friends and so she never went to any of those ‘sleep-over’ things and she always took the same bus home from middle school and high school which meant, obviously, that she never participated in after-school activities. Also, it stands to reason that even if she had had any friends she wouldn’t have invited them home because she wouldn’t have wanted them to know that she lived in a trailer.

     I’ve been living in mine for around twenty years ever since I was able to buy it with my half of the settlement from an insurance scam that a lawyer set up for me. Also, I’ve been getting a monthly payment for most of that time from the same scam but it’s only barely enough to live on because I have to mail back a third of it to the same lawyer.

     I get the check at the beginning of every month and when I’ve retrieved it from my P.O. Box I get it cashed in a store that’s just up the road and does that on the side. I strongly resent having to pay the annual P.O. Box fee and the five per cent deduction that the store takes but I decided to put up with both things from the beginning because this way I don’t have to have a bank account and seeing that my real address is not on file with the Post Office account ‘they’ can’t know that I exist and ‘they’ keep off my back.

     When I have the cash at hand the first thing that I do is to go back to the Post Office and put the lawyer’s cut in an envelope and then mail it to him – I never fail at that because it stands to reason that seeing that he had set up the scam successfully in the first place he could even more easily get it stopped and then what would I do? Have you ever tried to live on what the State hands out to single men on welfare and if I tried to get more by listing Lisa as a dependent ‘they’d’ probably take her away from me. True?

    I buy two carton of cigarettes at the store and some basic food items – like bread and cans of meat and a one and a half liter bottle of vodka and two six-packs – and when I get home I pull out my five manila envelopes from a hidden compartment behind some paneling in my bedroom and in number one, which is marked ‘Ground Rent,’ I put a twenty dollar bill – the $250 annual rent is payable, in cash of course, in December, to the owner of the double-trailer that is between mine and the road and that shields mine from prying eyes – and I put $50 in envelope number two, marked ‘Electric,’ which is to pay the same guy for the electric hook-up that I need to be able to watch TV and to power three lamps and a fan in the summertime – I never pay him until the end of each month in case something happens in the mean time – and he lets me run a hose to his outside faucet, every week or so, to fill up my water tank and he doesn’t charge me anything for that.

     Envelope number three is marked, ‘Gas,’ and it’s for the Propane gas cylinders that I buy as needed and it takes $60 in the winter but only $10 in the warm months when it’s needed for cooking only.

     Number four is marked, ‘Groceries,’ and I put $120 in that one and the last one, number five, gets all the rest of the money and it’s marked, ‘Grass and Ass.’

     One day, it was just after her eighteenth birthday, we were on the bed, Lisa and me, all earthy and sweaty because we’d been groping and feeling each other up for nearly an hour – we were trying to beat our record of one hour and twenty three minutes before we couldn’t stop from doing it – when there was a knock on the door.

     She had to go to see who it was, seeing that I couldn’t walk right then, and so she put a robe on and she made her way over to the door.

     From the look on her face, when she came back, I knew that our record would not be broken that afternoon. She was elated and it made her eyes shine and rightly so because, as I’d immediately figured, she had just been offered the apprenticeship of her dreams.

     It had been a runner come to tell her that seeing that she’d just had her eighteenth birthday if she got her ass down there right quick she would be allowed to become a probationary member of the Main Street Club. That’s the biggest and the best-organized procurement club in the city and also the fastest growing and the one with the best pimps.

     She hurried to fix her hair and to get made up and to put on the short skirt and the low cut blouse and the high heeled shoes that I’d advised her to buy some weeks before and, even though it was warm out, her longest coat to cover her ass seeing that she had to walk right past the Police Station to get to the bus stop and she couldn’t start paying anybody off until she’d got some of the lovely money that was about to flood her/our way.

     I knew, as I lay there on the bed trying not to moan too much, that it would be useless to appeal to her to lie down for me for a minute or two and forget about the record because she had to know already that she had to set her mind to getting out of the habit of doing it for free, ever again. Not even for me who’d taught her all her skills and just about everything else that she knew, in fact.

      So, I didn’t start bashing the bishop until she’d gone out the door because I didn’t want her to have the satisfaction of seeing me at it but she knew that I would because as she was on the way out she said, “So long, Bub,” my name is ‘John’ but of course she could never call me that again, “Shake hands with your new date for me and say `Hi’ to her five times, or more like ten times seeing that you’ve most likely gotten rusty at it!”

    Talking like a whore already and she hadn’t even left the house yet.

     For five minutes or so after the door slammed I was right glad that I had a dick but after that, when I could think straight again, I thought to myself that if I’d been a girl whose mother had run off to find sailors and had dumped me somewhere it could have been me, right then, high stepping along the street, going to meet up with my new pimp to give him his freebee, which was his right after all, and then join the famous Main Street Club. That is, of course, if I’d been lucky enough to have had a live-in loving guardian who had shown me how to handle the ropes properly since I was about fifteen years old. And that is if that self same guardian had also had the gumption to put my name down for an opening well before I got to be eighteen so I’d be sure to start off in my new career as soon as it could be done.

     It all started after she had called out frantically for me to come inside one afternoon in a school summer break when I was fixing to fix the fence. When I got in there I saw that she’d pulled her dress up and she had pulled her bloody panties down to her knees and blood was smeared down her legs and she had some on her hands and she was looking at it all in horror. She obviously had no idea what was happening to her and so she was very frightened.

    I got her an old towel to sit on and then a rag to hold to herself and when she’d calmed a little I explained that what was happening was normal and then I told her what was going on inside her. When she’d calmed some more I half carried her into the bathroom and, because she was still in a bit of a daze and was feeling sorry for herself – and, maybe, for all females – I took off her clothes and I put her in the shower and washed her down.

    That was the first time that I’d noticed that she was well on the way to getting some pert tits and that she already had hips and a nicely rounded little ass.

     She wouldn’t leave the house in her condition – come to think about it, she couldn’t ardly – so I went to the Drug Store and bought her some of those proper female towels.

     I paid for them with money from envelope four.

     When I got back she read the label on the package and she took comfort from realizing that they were cleverly designed and readily available and also from getting confirmation that all women and girls had to use them, not just her.

     When she stopped bleeding in three days or so, like I’d told her she would, she thought of me as being an expert on the female body and on how babies are made, and all that, and she asked me questions every day, each one more to the point than the last one.

     When she had nearly grasped the mechanics of it all it must have occurred to her that I was a male, and not just the person she lived with who fed her, and thus must have the part that went into the part that she, as a female, had, so for a final check out I guess of what I’d been telling her and which she couldn’t hardly bring herself to believe, she waited until she heard the water start running when I took a shower – which I do every Friday night without fail before we eat, needed or not – and she came in to the little bathroom.

     She said that she wanted to “see a man’s thing, please,” and when I got over the shock I thought that I could hardly refuse such a reasonable request and I didn’t think that there could be any harm in it because I was pretty sure that that shock and the surprise and the shame would keep me from getting hard and frightening her. So, I turned the water off and then I pulled the plastic curtain aside and turned myself around and held still for her to look all that she wanted.

     It was at her request and for her education and that’s all. I swear.

     I’d had her living with me for around fifteen years by then so I didn’t think of her as being female either, more as a girl child who I looked after really, and it went all right as long as she was just examining me but then she reached out and weighed my balls and then she separated them and nodded her head when she’d found that there were two of them, as advertized. Then she reached out and took my dick in her hand as if it was a plaything that she wanted to borrow for a while.

     She quickly found out how, “What that little thing? It’s so cute,” could become, “Wow! Will you look at that? How did you do that? . . . . Wow! It’s still growing! . . . Wow, it’s way too big now! It would never go inside me ‘cos I can’t hardly get one finger in there and so this could never, no way. Uh, are you sure about all this?”

     By then the touch of her hand had made me so hard that I thought it was about to burst but I held still for a minute wondering what to do, when, luckily, she sensed something was wrong and so she looked up at my face and whatever it was that she saw there made her let go and go out of the bathroom. Later she told me that she thought that she was holding it wrongly and was hurting me and that was why I’d had such a strange look!

     It exploded after about three strokes and in about three seconds after she’d closed the door behind her.

     I worried about the situation that I was in in the daytimes during the next week and in the nighttimes I had wet dreams about her touch and about how nice her little tits were along with the two plump, soft – uh – delicacies down there that I’d washed her blood off that time – ever so gently you bet, and at that same time I’d also seen a dozen, or so, black and curlies scattered around but I’d tried to not let myself dwell on any of it until she forced my hand, as you might say.

     I do strongly believe that it must have been something more than mere curiosity that drove her to want to see my dick again the next Friday.

     That time she waited until she heard me turn the water off and had dried off a bit before she came into the bathroom again and she said, “Please Uncle John. I can’t stop thinking about it and how it changed so much and so quickly. Can I touch it again and see if I can make do it again? Yes? Please show me how to hold it properly so I won’t hurt you. It was amazing how it got to be so big in no time at all. Does it do that every time? It all sure felt soft and warm at first. Can I? Please, for a minute?”

     My resolve dissolved.

     I assured her that there was no way she could hurt it and when she’d carried out her science project again she got the same result. As you’d guess.

     That time I showed her how to make it small again too.

     Later, after we’d eaten and I was looking at her leaning over the sink doing the washing up, I figured that if Mother Nature was telling her that she was a woman now why shouldn’t I go along with Her! So, when it got to be her bedtime I told her that from then on she could sleep in my bed with me instead of on the hard, narrow, stretched canvas cot that we kept leaning up against a wall in the alcove in the daytime and set up in the passageway when she wanted to go to sleep.

      Well, it was July so it was far too hot to wear anything in bed, no matter about a having a sheet pulled up, so when she got sleepy at around ten o’clock, or so, we’d go into the bedroom and she’d strip down to her panties and a bra and I’d set up the fan for her. She’d move as far over to the other side as she could go without falling off and then I’d switch her light off and go back to the living room.

      I’d stay up to watch the eleven o’clock news and because it was July the late night talk shows were always repeats – I’ve had increasing difficulty watching either of them the first time around for a few years now because of all the “I” – “I” – “I” ’s and the “My Mom is 90 years old and she says – ” and – “D’you what my cat did this morning? Well take a look at this – ” no matter about suffering through them a second time – and so I’d switch the set off and go into the bedroom and switch a light on and I’d look at Lisa lying there like a cherub with her perfect skin and her nicely rounded body and in about three times out of five I’d have to lock everything up and go and see Molly.

     I’d first met her, Molly, around five years earlier. She came out of the grocery store at the same time that I did and she was standing just outside the door in obvious distress.

     I’m not a very trusting guy and I’m always on the lookout for attempted scams but I couldn’t walk on by without at least asking her what was wrong.

      She had two bags of groceries, as did I but mine were in my handcart, but one of hers was sitting on the window sill and she told me that her arthritis/lumbago (she used the two words interchangeably so I never did find out which one it was) was acting up and would I be nice enough to carry one of her bags to the bus-stop?

      By the time that we got there we knew that we used the same bus and got off at the same stop too!

       We talked amiably during the trip and it turned out that she was living on Social Security, “It’s for disability and not because of my age, mind you. I’ve got an on/ again/off again bum shoulder and hip and so I can’t work.”

        When we got off the bus she pointed at a three story apartment building that was a half block away and she told me that she had an apartment on the top floor so, “I hesitate to ask but will you be so kind?”

       It turned out to be a clean but crummy studio apartment and its furniture was old and rickety and a full-sized bed dominated the whole place. She offered me a drink but when I learned that the selection was limejuice or tea or coffee I told her no thanks.

       She asked me to sit on her two-seater couch, “To rest up for a while.” and something about the way she said it clicked with me and so I did so.

       I watched her as she put her purchases away and I saw that her hair was her best feature and I already knew that she had a nice open face but her body resembled nothing so much as a small barrel although her legs were OK too.

       She poured herself some juice and came and sat next to me and she began to flirt – “Thank you for helping me. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been so kind . . . . Oh my, it’s so nice having a man in my apartment. Really it is. It’s been such a long time since I sat next to one in here . . . . Uh, you know, when my arthritis/lumbago plays up, like now, I can use my wrist and fingers OK – see? – but I have to lift my arm up with my left hand – like this – and then put it down wherever I need to – like this.”

      She put it down on my thigh and by wriggling her fingers she got her hand to move up and onto my crotch.

      She has never been a whore but she does insist on being given a ‘fee’ every time before lying down for me. Her ‘fee’ is ten to fifteen minutes of slobbery kissing on the couch!

     I’ve been paying her visits for around five years by now and she’s always genuinely glad to see me and I eventually came to realize that she craves human contact and by insisting on the kissing part she ensures that it will never be a slam bang thank you Mam and then, “So long for now.”

     Actually, paying her ‘fee’ in full isn’t difficult because, as I said, she has a nice face so if I limit my field of vision I can fantasize all that I want about the rest of her.

      When we are well into the kissing part she starts murmuring, “Mmmmmm’s” and we both know when she’s decided that she’d better stop while she’s ahead because she disengages enough to be able to say, “There, that was lovely, thank you dear.”

      I stand up then and start getting undressed and she stands up too and then she goes around and puts all the lights out and then she takes off her skirt and her panties and lies down for me.

     I have only once tried touching her breasts – they’re strange in that they’re unpleasantly un-weighable because they form a kind of shelf of flesh across her chest that  has two large nipples attached – but because I only visit her when I’m close to being desperate – and when envelope number five is empty or close to it – her other womanly wherewithal does the job for me and, as every man knows, if the owners of the love canals have never had to let them do duty as birth canals then they all, without exception as far as I know, more than adequately deal with the full penetration aspect that is essential to men’s mental health and well-being and is unobtainable anywhere else known to – uh – man.

        One night, at the end of August which was about a month after Lisa had started sleeping in my bed, I was walking home from Molly’s and I realized that it had turned cold since midnight and so I hurried to get home and get warm in bed.

         When I woke up in the morning I found that Lisa and I were in the spoon position and it sure did feel good. Clearly, she’d come over to me looking for warmth and she’d found it. When she woke up too she realized, with alarm, what had happened and she stayed still for a minute while she analyzed the situation and then she straightened her body and stretched like a cat and when she felt the chill in the air she moved back into position and then she did something that advanced our relationship a good deal. She lifted my hand and put it back where it had been before she’d pulled away, which was, of course, cupping her lower breast.

        “Well now, isn’t this nice,” she said. “It sure does feel – uh – cozy, I guess. Ooooh, I can feel your thing back there and that gives me a nice feeling too. It’s adult and kind of scary but having it there makes me feel – uh – strange but somehow it feels right too. Know what I mean?”

      By saying that IT stirred and became a morning chubby – no more than that because I’d been with Molly around six or seven hours before – and it alarmed her but I didn’t let her pull away as I told her what it was and that it wasn’t a threat to her.

      She stayed kind of rigid for a while but when it became obvious that I hadn’t lied she relaxed and lay still again.

      That raised all kinds of questions in her head that she wanted answers to and so I was forced to tell her about being with Molly and about how IT wouldn’t get big again for a day or two and that brought on still more questions –

     “Why does this Molly woman let you do it to her even though she’s not your wife?”

     “She’s my friend and friends like doing it.”

     “Really? Uh, what if she has a baby? Will you go and live with her then?”

     “We take precautions so we know that there won’t be any babies.”

     “Precautions? What are they?”

      I told her about the pill and about diaphragms and condoms which led to –

      “Which one do you use with this Molly woman?”

      “A condom.” – Not strictly true because Molly is way past her childbearing years so I only used one the first time, just in case, and afterwards we told each other our life stories which meant that we didn’t need to use them again.

      “What do they look like, these condom things?”

      And on and on until, much as I liked holding her close, I couldn’t take any more and so I got up and started breakfast.

       I can only guess that she’d been mulling over her new knowledge all through that day and, maybe, she sensed a rival in Molly or, maybe, she liked learning that it can be done without fear of producing babies because that night when I joined her in the big bed she immediately wiggled backwards until we were in the spoon position again and she lifted her lower breast so that my hand could slip in and cup it properly.

      I’d had one too many vodkas – I’m not sure why but it might well have been to celebrate what I thought was soon going to put me into an enviable situation with Lisa – and so IT didn’t – uh – rise to the occasion, as it were, and when she realized that she said, over her shoulder, “You told me it would take two days didn’t you?” and then she wriggled her bottom and snuggled down into sleep.

      I got woken up in the morning because what should have been my innocuous morning chubby had turned into a baton that was every bit as hard as a policeman’s and, of course, it woke Lisa up too.

        “Oh, wow,” she said, “It’s huge! It’s scary too. Uh, y’know, it’s still dark outside so shall I make it small for you and then we can sleep some more?”

        When she’d succeeded at her task, admirably I might add, I threw away the rag that I’d given her to contain my emission – I figured that if she was going to do it at all she should learn right from the beginning that it is expected of her to do it all – and then she did yet another thing that proved to be a large stepping stone in our lives together.

       When she’d snuggled down again she pushed her bottom back at me and I found, with a shock, that she’d taken her panties off and, what’s more, she then reached back and tucked my shriveled IT in between her legs and after squeezing it a few times she said, “There. I knew that it would feel even better like this.”

      I didn’t trust myself to speak so I squeezed her breast in turn and then she went to sleep and I lay there for quite a long while, marveling at my good fortune.

      That night’s happenings became the standard routine for us but when the thrill of ‘spooning’ had worn off somewhat for her we experimented with all kinds of things and her favorite thing to do became, when the major task had been taken care of, climbing on top of me and lying full out and, when she’d relocated my dick so that it was nestled between her legs, and thus safe, she’d pull her pillow over so that it was half on my shoulder and then she’d put her head on it and snuggle down and then she’d say something like, “Oh, it feels so right being there and I feel loved and safe doing this.”

      And then, when I began to smooth the small of her back and her lovely round bottom she’d start making a noise that was near to being purring before going to sleep.

     Besides liking all of it I wanted to keep pleasing her so that I could keep doing all the other things to her but I also figured that by getting her accustomed to, “It feels so right being there,” the next step would be, logically, “It seems right having it in there,” but it didn’t happen and I was forced to be patient and to learn to appreciate what I already had.

     When I badly needed some full penetration I went to see Molly but only when Lisa was in school or when I knew that she was fast asleep.

    That went on for more than a year, maybe two, hard to believe, until one day I discovered – either by accident or, more probably, because she had by then developed the

right adult female feelings down there – how to pleasure her properly with my tongue.

     The very first time that I got it right – it happened so abruptly that it was as if I’d flicked on a switch inside her – she went wild because after a few minutes of it her legs opened up as wide as they ever could go and she grabbed my head and pulled it down and towards her and she began to heave her hips up to increase the friction that I was setting up for her still more – that was certainly something that had never happened before – and I was so overcome with ungovernable lust that I picked my moment and moved up and offered it up against her and she shouted, “Yes, yes. Give it to me.” and then she put her ankles up on to my back, also a first, and she guided me in and told me to push it on in. “Maybe it won’t hurt all that much. Go on I want you to. Make it go in all the way. I want you to. Give it to me, now!”

     I did, of course. Pronto! You bet I did and it was ‘truly wonderful’ as they say.

     It was a different story for her though. She didn’t stop crying or whimpering for at least an hour and I had to keep bringing her cold, damp rags both to deal with the blood and to soothe her. In the morning I went out and bought some salve but she wouldn’t let me put some of it in where it would help her most because of the continuing pain so I just put some gently on the outside and I rigged up the fan to blow cool air onto it.

     I was worried that that one time might well be the only time for me but she kept letting me do the other things to her that we both liked so my hopes rose and then, when she’d healed after three or four days, she was as relieved about it as I was and we indulged ourselves from then on and because she let me do it for the pleasure that she got out of it I never again had to work hard to get her to beg me to give it to her even though she’d made me promise not to a few minutes earlier.

     Her liking it soon turned into her loving it and because we didn’t have any restrictions nor inhibitions we gave each other full access to each other’s body and not long after that our being together got to be so natural that the whole trailer seemed to have a glow. She learned to like doing it so much that every day, when she came home from school, she wouldn’t take no for an answer and I was fairly dragged off the couch and into the bedroom no matter what I was in the middle of watching.

     We were lucky that she didn’t get pregnant that first time that we did it – ‘it kinda crept up on me unawares’ she described what had made her change her mind – and she anxiously waited for her period and when it came she stayed very conscious of our narrow escape and she wouldn’t ever let me do it properly again until I showed her that I had a package of rubbers and from then on she always made me have some of them ready on the side table before she’d so much as lie next to me.

     I had to take a bus quite a ways to buy a supply of them because I figured that if I bought them down the street at our Drug Store it might make people wonder who I was using them with.

    I paid for them by taking money out of envelope number five, which, by then, held hundreds of dollars.

    The second time that I had to go for rubbers I bought a gross of them because they were cheaper that way and it also saved me from having to go to all that trouble too often.

     A few months after we started doing it properly, she was way over seventeen by then and was a half way through her last year at high school, she brought home a letter from her school Principal that said that I had to go there on the following Friday for a ‘Parent/ Teacher Conference.’

     When I went there they told me that although Lisa was a bright girl – for instance, they said, she was always the first one in her class to understand a new concept in any subject – she had ‘Close to Zero Retentiveness’ and the next day she wouldn’t be able to remember many of the details that she had learned, and had mastered, just the day before.

     They told me that they’d asked me to come in to tell me that they, ‘wouldn’t mind,’ if she didn’t bother to finish her last year seeing that she had a near zero chance of graduating. They promised that they’d fix it with the Truant Officer for me.

     Lisa was delighted when I told her and when she’d finished whooping she cut up her uniforms for wiping rags.

     She had no idea what kind of job she wanted to do and so we sort of just stopped thinking about it.

     On one fateful day, not long after her last day in school, she asked me, out of the blue, what a ‘Ho’ was. She had long wondered what they actually did, she said, and had heard the word again just then on the TV. When I’d explained how they make a living her eyes opened up wide and she said, “You mean that I could get money for doing what we do? Why, that’s great. I love it. When can I start? Will you find out for me? Please!”

     I was stupid enough to think that she would keep living with me and would travel back and fore to the City on the bus every day so, looking forward to having a lot more money coming in, I promised that I’d look into it for her.

     A few days later I went into the city to find out what she’d asked and I figured that the bars were the best places to get answers.

     I didn’t want to bother with the outright drunks in them nor with the serious drinkers, the ones who sat along the bar with an empty stool on each side of them and who just stared at their half-full beer bottles and their one third-full shot glasses.

     I kept looking until I finally found a bar that had only one customer in it and I soon found out why there was only one. The draught beer was flat! They didn’t sell enough of it to empty the barrels frequently enough to keep the contents fresh and that meant that they didn’t sell enough draught beer because it wasn’t fresh! What stupidity! The bar owner had obviously become locked on ‘hold’ because he had long ago slipped through the hole marked ‘can’t keep a decent-paying job.’

     I forced myself to finish the glass of beer and I bought the barkeep one, which he didn’t draw, and then I asked my question.

     “It’s not for me, you understand – ha! – I haven’t had to pay for a piece of ass since I can remember, but where do the whores hang out in this town? Would you know on the off chance, maybe?”

     I walked down to the intersection that he’d told me about and found them to be very aggressive and soon there were four of them competing for me.

     One of them even lifted up her little tiny skirt to show me what she had and I’d have been tempted if I hadn’t been getting so much at home. Or if I’d brought any money. I can

still bring the vision of her crack to mind whenever I need extra stimulation but her face is a blur of ordinariness.

     When they found out that I just wanted answers from them and not ass they all flounced off in disgust.

     I went after one of them, an older, beat up one that I wouldn’t have let anywhere near my dick even if she paid me, and I asked her who would a girl have to see to get started

on the game?

     She didn’t stop walking away but she said, over her shoulder, that I should ask her pimp and that he hung out with, “all them other lazy, blood-sucking motherfuckers,” in a pool room, “two streets down that way.”

     I went down there but when I looked inside what I saw made me stay near the door and I asked my question to the nearest guy to me.

     He told me about the Main Street Club and how they were now so big that all new girls had to talk to the people in ‘The Office’ and he gave me its number and the name I

should ask for, the one who “ran the whole shebang.” I was also to be sure to mention his name, “Which is Willy Um, and not,” I was to note carefully, “not William.”

     I went back to a part of town that had working phones and I called the number that I’d been given. Although I didn’t get to talk to the guy who’s name I asked for the one on the phone was very interested and he told me what to do. But then he asked me how old she was and when I told him he said, “Woa! Back up there a minute. We’ve got no problem from the law in this town and to keep from fucking that up we don’t mess with sending minors out there. That’s dynamite, brother. Look, tell me when’s her next birthday and how to get in touch with her when that’s happened.”

     How do you figure it? I did all those things for her to get a good start in life and now she wouldn’t even hold up for a minute for me to get it off properly one last time.

     She didn’t come home that night nor the next night and in fact it was nearly a week before she came back and then it was only to pick up her clothes and the rest of her stuff.

     She said, after I’d asked why she didn’t come home every night, that it didn’t work like that because the Club wanted to know where their girls were at all times, “in case we

might be needed,” so they kept rooms for the young pretty ones in easy walking distance of the big hotels.

     She wouldn’t tell me how she liked being ‘on the game’ but not because she was shy or anything. It was because she was ‘fresh meat’ and the rules were that she’d had to spend the first few days with the Club bosses, in turn, to get ‘instructions’ so she had only been on the street earning money for a little while and she didn’t know much about anything yet. She said that she’d had to learn from the very beginning to stay aware at all times and to keep looking around for cops and to never get into a car that had more than one guy in it and to make the guy park where you want him to not where he wants to. Another ‘must do rule’ was to stash the cash after every trick because if a john beats you or rapes you, or both, he can’t steal more money off you than what he gave you at the beginning and that’ll make him think more carefully before deciding to try to make a career of it.

     She said that she wasn’t allowed to tell anybody anything about the organization nor about the guys who run it because that was another Club rule.

     She did have the grace to say that she was thankful to me for pointing the way and for getting her used to doing it because she’d been as sore as hell down there and inside since day one from all those cocks and would never have been able to keep working if I hadn’t done it to her all those times.

     She also said that she’d been told by her ‘colleagues’ that all johns are pigs and crude and dirty but now she already knows at first hand that when they’ve paid money for a piece of ass they became nasty and cheap too. Some of them had the nerve to pay for one thing and then when they were getting that they tried to get two or three more things for free. Like thinking that getting a blow job entitled them to help themselves to all kinds of extras as if they were back in high school and out on a date with one of their amateur class mates!

     Their only redeeming feature, she was beginning to think, was having the lovely cash to hand over before anything could happen which was the Club’s number one and strictest rule of all.

     When she left I really believed that I’d never see her again but I was wrong.

     It was nearly three years later when she came around again early one Thursday afternoon and I remember what day it was because they show a marathon of some of my favorite soaps on that day every week and I had to turn the sound down on them when she came in. At that time I also knew, vividly and painfully, that it had been more than a month since Molly had found a guy who wanted to live with her permanently so she was getting all the affection that she craved from him and I was shut out. I happened to meet them both in a store one day and I managed, secretly of course, to slip her The message with my eyes but she pretended that she didn’t understand.

    Anyway, as I was saying, when I got a look at Lisa that afternoon I saw that she looked as if she’d gotten ten years older since the last time I’d seen her. She was smartly dressed but her face was somehow different. She had on an oily makeup but in the daylight I could plainly see that her complexion wasn’t what it was. Maybe nobody’s is ever as nice as it was at eighteen. Also her eyes were funny looking. Not shiny like a dope-fiend’s but they were kind of played out. They had a hopeless look to them.

     We said hello and when she didn’t make any sarcastic remarks about me still sitting on the couch in the middle of the afternoon watching TV I knew something was up. She asked me if I could make her some coffee and when she had drunk most of it she started talking.

     She told me that the life wasn’t ‘all that it was cracked up to be.’ She waited for me to smile at her little joke then she said that she would like it better if it wasn’t for two

things. First, the pimps took too much of the money without doing anything to earn it and, second, there were too many creepy johns out there and those, and some of the others too, were always looking to find new ways to cheat girls.

     She told me that her first pimp had made her work seven days a week with no time off at all. Luckily for her, the rule in the club was that any of the girls could change pimps after a full year as long as she chose between one of the other four in the Club. She said that they all knew that they had to give their girls some concessions else they’d leave town or, worse, they might dare to gang up and ask to keep more of the money that they were earning!

     Lisa had opted to change from Beanie to Big Mo after the first year and while he gave her a day off now and then he made her work longer hours on the other days to make up for it.

     She saw that I was getting restless with all this bitchin’ of hers so she moved on to tell me what the reason was for her coming out to see me.

     Towards the end of the second year she’d had a brain wave, she said, and, when the time came around, she had gone up to Big Mo in the Club’s Office and had quietly told him that she wanted to go back to Beanie and then she’d walked across the room and she’d told Beanie, “Wasup, how’s it hanging?” also quietly, and then that she was staying with Big Mo.

     “There! It was done! It worked! I couldn’t believe that it had been that easy!”

     Because of her cleverness she’d become pimp-free and so she got to keep all of the money and could still keep her regular johns too!

     Her brilliant scheme worked because, as she’d realized from the very beginning she said, all of the pimps were unbelievably stupid except for how and where to search a girl to make sure she wasn’t trying to get away with some of their money. And it was helped along because business was booming due to the almost total control the Club now had over the whole city as far as the flesh trade was concerned and due to the huge number of girls every pimp was running and also due to all five of them being too greedy to let any new guys in to run some of them and to hell with the general good of the Club and the welfare of the girls themselves.

      I had to stifle a laugh when I heard that last bit because what she was doing to the general good of the ‘Club’ was ten times worse than what the greedy pimps were doing.

     “The only flaw in my plan,” she said, “is that while I’m still protected by the threat of muscle it’s obvious that I can’t call on any muscle when I need some.”

     Well, she told me, she needed some right away because a john, named Eddy, who had been one of her first customers and who had kept coming back because he had taught her how to do some special things that he liked and that she, just starting out, had foolishly agreed to learn and then do them for him, had found out that she didn’t have a pimp when he had asked for her when she was home sick for a few days with the flu. Big Mo had told him, “How the fuck should I know?” and that he should ask Beanie where she was working so he went and found him and Beanie had told him, “How the fuck should I know?” and that he should go and ask Big Mo where she was working nowadays!

     Eddy was puzzled but wise enough to keep his mouth shut in front of Beanie but when he had worked out what she was getting away with he had successfully used it to blackmail her because she well knew what would happen to her if either Beanie or Big Mo found out that she’d been cheating them for months.

     Not only did this Eddy get to, ‘go around the world,’ – plus the special things that he liked plus some that he’d dreamed up since, and all for free – in her place every Friday for weeks by then, which was bad enough, but the last time, as he was leaving, he’d told her that she also had to start giving it up for one of his friends who he was going to bring with him from then on. Also for free, of course.

     “It can only get worse,” she said, “friends always have other friends and they all like to be generous with things they don’t have to pay for. In a month or so I won’t have any

paying customers to speak of.”

     It was time to get to the point and what she came out with made me get up and switch off the TV!

     She wanted me to think of a way to get this guy off her back, so to speak, and I had one day and five hours to come up with a good plan!

     I hadn’t forgotten that she’d called me a pig once so I said to myself, “Oink, Oink,” and I came up with a lie to get even with her, “I’ve already got a good idea and I’d really like to help you out but I can’t think straight when I’m this horny so how about it, Lisa? For old times sake?”

     She winced and groaned out “Oh no! No Man, no! This is a family visit and it’s my day off. Don’t be like that. Oh Man! Can’t I catch a break here?” Really disappointed with

me she was.

     I stood my ground and just stared at her with a blank look on my face so then she thought some about it and she finally shrugged and after calling me some really nasty names she got up and led the way into the bedroom.

     She took off her nice dress, so as to not get it all creased, and then her shoes and then her panties and she lay down on the bed and then she told me to put a condom on and when I’d done that she opened up.

    She had trimmed and trained her pussy hair so that there was nothing to see down there, which was very disappointing for me. All that was there was a black triangle while I, of course, wanted to see those round, white, fat little lips complete with the small, ugly gap that I’d been conjuring up for years from memory whenever I got a half hard on and wanted to make it rock hard so that it could be put to good use.

     She wouldn’t let me take her tits out, she just pushed my hands away and snarled, “Just do it, that’s all.”

     With no flesh to press and with the condom on and all it was about as interesting as a jerk off. Less in fact because with all the practice I’d gotten lately I’d found a way to do it that is really good. The secret is to not move your hands! Takes some time to get it right but it’s a hundred times better.

     Anyway when I was done – it had taken about two minutes to do even though she’d just lain there because it was a real long time since I’d been with a woman – we went back to sit on the couch and I asked her what she’d thought up on her own so far.

     She stayed kind of surly with me as she said that obviously muscle was out seeing that I only had one of any size. Then she pulled herself together and got over what was

bothering her and she went on to say that anyway if I did get it together enough to meet up with Eddy and then only hurt him and fall short of killing him, and then not getting rid of the body properly, the Club would find out, one way or the other, how she’d cheated them and then that would be it for her. The least that she’d get would be a nasty beating, she said.

     She put her hand on my knee to get my attention and then she said that a fellow ho had told her of one time that her boy friend had been mad at one of her johns for scratching her back hard every time they did it so the next time they were doing it he, her boy friend who was much smaller than the john, sneaked in behind him and he’d reached in and squeezed his balls! Hard! She’d said that she’d never seen that john again nor had she heard of his going with any of the other girls in the Club.

     I said I wouldn’t touch another man’s balls even if I had three pairs of gloves on and not even if he was queer into the bargain!

     She said she’d never had much hope that I would and it wasn’t because of the not wanting to touch part.

     Actually, I’d picked up a good idea from what she’d just said but it would take money to carry it through so I told her this and I asked her if she had any.

     She said that she had about $88,000 and my mouth flew open like one of those baby birds in a nest when their mother comes by with a worm in her mouth like you see on the TV.

     When I’d recovered some she could see that I didn’t believe it a hundred per cent so she told me how it was true.

     She was obviously proud of herself and had probably been bursting to tell someone for a long time and I was the ideal person seeing as how I was as close to family as she had.

     She told me that she’d managed to keep around $5,000 for herself, after expenses, the first year and that about $1,000 of that was what she had managed to hold back from Beanie one way or another. The second year she had learned a lot more about it all and out of the $11,000 that she’d kept for herself around $4,000 odd had been ‘legally’ Big Mo’s.

     All of the rest she’d put together over the last eight months during which time she hadn’t had to share what she’d earned with either of them.

     I asked how come turning twenty-dollar tricks could add up to, “What was it? $88,000 minus $16,000. That’s – uh . . . . . – $72,000,” in eight months and she said that I was years out of date.

     She said that when she left here to get started it was $20, $30 and $50 and now it is $30, $40 and $60 and she stopped there as if the rest was self-evident. I didn’t want to look slow but I had to know so I asked what the three sums would buy and she looked at me as if I was not just slow but totally stupid.

     She sighed and then explained it. “Well, the first number, $30 nowadays, is for a blow job and the $40 is for what you just had in the bedroom – FOR FREE – and the $60 is for ‘around the world.’ True, you can pay less, a lot less. It goes all the way down to $5, $10 and $20, but not for ‘prime’ like me.”

     “What’s ‘around the world’ “?

     “God in heaven! Where’ve you been all these years? Well, ‘around the world’ can’t be done in a car so that’s an extra $30 for the room right there. When you get in there you decide on the price and it starts at $60 for just the basic stuff. The total depends on what he wants to do. Completely naked is an extra $10, and bareback, that’s no condom, is $20 extra and if he wants to finish up my ass that’s another $20. There’s more too. Got it?”

     “Yes but tell me what the ‘basic stuff’ is.”

     “Oh! My God! I can’t hardly believe this! You’re supposed to be the all-knowing one and you don’t know shit. Well, lets see. A slow blow job to get him good and hard and then I lie down for him for a while to let him feel me up good and then it’s doggy fashion until he comes unless he paid extra to finish in my ass.”

     “And no kissing, right?”

     “Ugh! No. Never. Everybody knows that. Even you should know that. Ech!”

     “Isn’t ‘bareback’ dangerous for you?”

     “Well yes, but they don’t know that I’ve just sneaked a diaphragm up there along with a good squirt of that anti-septic stuff.”

     “Is going down on you included in ‘round the world’?”

     “For another $10, sure, but no one in his right mind is going to go down on a whore. Would you? Unless you were drunk out of your skull?”

     “Well no, I guess not.”

     “Well then, think before you speak next time.”

     “This room that that you mentioned that’s $30 extra. Is it your apartment, the one you live in?”

     “Hoo! No fucking way it’s not! Would I take a john off the street into my place? No way. It’s just a $15 an hour room in a flea-bag little motel near where I hang out. No,

the only ones who come to my place are the regulars who have steady dates with me. Now, that’s enough of this. What was this idea of yours?”

     “Answer me one more thing. How does all of that add up to $72,000 in only eight months?”

     She beamed at getting a chance to tell about her cleverness and then she said, “Well, you’ve got to understand that I’m good at taking care of johns. I’m popular with them.

I’ve got lots of regulars. I usually have some dates lined up for every night and if the number gets to be four or better I stay in my room and wait for them. If it’s less then four I go out on the street and hustle for a while before and between dates. Ninety per cent of it now is blow-jobs in the front seat of the car and you can easily average four an hour so that’s $120. The dates who come to my room with me mostly spend $100 or more each and I get nice tips usually so most nights I keep around $500 after paying all the people that have to be taken care of. Do the math for yourself. ‘Course, I don’t have to give any of it to a pimp, that’s the big one, and I don’t pay taxes and I don’t do drugs and I don’t hardly drink much so it’s all mine to keep!”

     “Wow! Do you keep it all in a bank somewhere?”

     “No way! As you well know already, if you open one of those accounts ‘they’ find out that you exist and ‘they’ find ways to take some of it. Hell, you still do the same thing yourself and you haven’t earned much of anything for, what, twenty years? No, I’ve got it hidden somewhere safe. Now, will you tell me what that God-damn idea of yours is?”

     “Well, you said that, ‘hurting him would be no good short of killing him and losing the body,’ so why don’t we pay somebody from somewhere, a professional, to do both things?”

     I wasn’t just blowing smoke because I remembered my successful trip into the city to get her started in the game and I figured that this next project wasn’t that much more


     She didn’t answer so I went on “Chicago maybe. That’s the most likely place to – “

     She waved to me to be quiet and after a few minutes she said, “Do you think you can set it all up in time? Remember, tomorrow’s Friday.”

     “Sure I can. I’ll catch the four o’clock bus and I’ll be there by seven or eight o’clock and I’ll find somebody tonight and arrange it all for tomorrow.”

     “You make it sound so easy but how will you find the ‘somebody’ who’ll do it?”

     “Leave that to me, let’s talk money.”

     “How much do think it will take?”

     “For one or two?”

  “Certainly one, of course, but I’ll have to find out if the second one knows about my cheating the Club.”

     “How can you do that?”

     “I’ll think of something. So what we need are two plans. Plan One, deal with Eddy only and Plan Two, deal with both of them. And Plan Two, as I already said and don’t forget, is only going to be used, and paid for, if I find out if this new john already knows what I’m getting away with. OK?  What do you think?”

     “Sounds good to me. Now, how will we handle the payments?”

     “Well first let’s deal with you. Knowing you, you’re flat out broke so you’ll need some money for the bus and tonight’s hotel and walking around money so I’ll give you,

say, $100, all right?

     “Aw Lisa! That’s not enough. Supposing I run into a problem? $500 is better.”

     “Well, this is too important for us to quibble about. I’ll make it $300 but with an accounting when you get back, mind you. Don’t you ever forget what I’ve gotta do to get this money. Uh, I’ll take what you don’t use out of the $1,000 that I’m going to give you for yourself if everything works out right. The question is will this ‘someone’ want a down payment and if so, how much?”

     “I’d guess $1,000 down and maybe $5,000 total but that’s only a guess so why don’t you give me, uh, $1,300 now and I’ll talk to you when I get back and tell you what happened and how the guy wants to be paid the rest?”

     “All right then. Lets get started. We can go into town together and I’ll go on and get the $1300 and then I’ll bring it to you at the Bus Depot. OK?”

     It all went surprisingly easy. I’ve got the luck of the innocent! I didn’t find my man until nearly midnight but I was passed from contact to contact without much trouble

because nobody on God’s earth looks less like a cop than me and the precautions they took saw to it that if I was a nark what I learned wouldn’t help anybody.

     In the third dive that I’d been taken to I’d been told to sit in a booth that was way in the back and was dimly lit and a guy joined me there after a few minutes.

    He wasn’t a real big guy but he was hard looking and you knew right away not to mess with him. He said his name was, ‘Albert Einstein,’ when I asked how I should call him.

     He listened to me carefully when I was telling him about Lisa’s two plans and right away, I guess so as to get rid of me quickly if I couldn’t get my hands on that kind of money, he told me that he wanted $10,000 for the first one and $5,000 more if the second one, “had to be dealt with, too.”

       I had to take a chance that Lisa would go up from $5,000 to maybe $15,000 because I couldn’t call her to ask. She’d told me to get it done – and, hell! She’d boasted about having $88,000 so there was that – but she’d also told me that I was not to call her on the phone. She’d said that in most all of the mystery stories that she’d ever read something always went wrong when a phone call was overheard or a letter was read by the wrong party or one too many people knew about what was going to happen or had happened. She had also told me that only three people were to know anything, “anything mind,” about our plan.

     When I told Mr. Einstein that I had $1,000 to give him right then his eyes went cold and he said, “For fuck’s sake man, everybody knows that you’ve got to pay fifty per cent up front. What? Are you fuckin’ kidding me?”

     I told him that I’d have the other $4,000 for him tomorrow, before anything got started and he said, “Well, it’s not right but . . . well OK, seeing that you’re new to this game. But listen, you’ve got to believe me on this, you’d better not come up with any excuses when it’s time to pay me and if it’s only one guy or two guys that’ve got to be taken care of I’m not going to leave the place until I get all of it. You got that?”

     I told him that I understood and then I told him what Lisa’s ideas were about how to go about it and he grunted and said that that was all very well for her but he’d tell me tomorrow, when he’d looked the place over, how it was actually going to get done.

     I passed him the $1,000 and then he asked for detailed directions and then I listened while he told me what else I was to find out about the area around Lisa’s building.

     I left after that and I found a sleazy hotel to sleep in that cost me $60. I aimed to hang on to at least $200 of the $300 that Lisa had given me and I didn’t find it at all difficult to want to hang on to as much as was possible of her “Don’t you ever forget what I gotta do to get it” money. After all, how hard can it be to lie down for guys? They do all the work.

     When I got back to our town I called Lisa’s number and I let it ring two times and then I hung up and then did the same thing again like we’d arranged and she came to the Diner

where she’d told me to wait for her.

     She took the ‘$10,000 maybe $15,000’ news badly. Once again I had to listen to her mumbling about, “If you only knew what I had to go through to get that money and how much I hate doing it and now I’ll have to put up with it all for another three or four months to catch up.” Just like last time. Yeah. Yeah.

     When she had quit bitching I said, “There’s more bad news I’m sorry to say. The guy wants another $4,000 to go with the $1,000 that I already gave him before he’ll even get


     She didn’t react badly to that statement. I guess all those thousands that I’d mentioned before had hardened her up. Also it didn’t add to the huge total. It merely shuffled it around some.

     She asked how was I supposed to get it to him and I told her and then she listened when I told her how his plans might well change hers a bit.

     We both hoped really hard that it wouldn’t be necessary to go to Plan Two. It had come home to us, by then, that we were talking about killing here not scaring, and not squeezing balls either.

     Then she added some refinements that I was to pass on that she’d thought up and we broke up. She went to get the extra $4,000 and, who knows, maybe the other $10,000 that

might be needed too.

     The two johns arrived together at Lisa’s place. Both of them wearing big smiles as they contemplated getting free ass right then, and forever more, plus all the trimmings.

     She let them in with the buzzer and when they came up she got in some nasty bitching at them, of course, about how she’d have to do a lot of extra tricks after they left to make up for what they weren’t paying her and so she wanted to get started right away.

     She told the new john to go back downstairs and wait outside in the doorway of the next building, so as to not bother her immediate neighbors, and that when she had taken care of Eddy and he had come down and had opened the door to the Lobby he, the new guy, could come in and come up for his turn.

     He’d wanted to stick around and watch and join in now and again but she was determined and seeing that it was the first time there he let her push him out of the door.      He was no doubt thinking that next time she’d do what he wanted and not give out orders but for now he wanted to get laid badly and he’d liked what he’d seen of her and so he knew that it was for the best if he did what she asked right away so as to let Eddy get on with it and that way he’d be able to come back for his turn that much sooner.

     Sure enough Eddy had thought up more new nasty twists but she went along with them without complaining because she’d already decided to do everything extra nice for him seeing that it would be the last time he got some, ever. It put an edge on the whole proceedings for both of them although he didn’t know why. He only knew that it was the best session that he could remember having had in bed with a woman.

     Luckily for her he knew his friend was waiting for some so he didn’t make her do all of his old favorites as well as the new ones. He too was telling himself that, as good as it had been, next time it would be even better. And different. He and his friend would stay together in her apartment with her and they’d do the things that they’d talked about. Things that they’d seen in XXX movies that could be done by two guys to one girl and especially like in the beginning of the movie, `The Devil In Miss Jones’. Wow! That was something! And, along with that, all the other things that they’d think up to do in the future.

     When he was getting dressed she asked him if his friend knew why he was getting it for free and he said, “You mean apart from being my friend? No way! Like I promised you. What do you take me for Lisa, a fuckin’ fool? How long have you known me now? God Almighty! What a dumb thing to ask!”

     Lisa entertained hopes of hanging on to $5,000 as she did the thing with the window blind to let us, waiting down the street, know that the first one was on his way down, and out.

     Mr. Einstein had told me what he wanted me to do, which was “to stay the fuck out of my face,” and so when the second guy had gone in, after Eddy had opened the door to come out, I stayed hidden in my doorway, up the road, and watched as our hit man sauntered up to the exhausted but happy Eddy and went past him and then turned quickly and threw a heavy bag of some kind over Eddy’s head and, in the same flow of motion, shot him in the head from about two inches away. Then he shot him again in the same place only he was already falling so the gun had had to follow his head down.

     The gun had only made a loud coughing noise each time that didn’t sound like a gun shot and Mr. Einstein then pocketed it and grabbed the body under each arm and easily dragged it two doors down and into the alley where he had parked his car with the trunk lid left slightly open. He raised the lid all the way up and he lifted and then lowered Eddy’s body into the trunk and then closed the lid until it was resting on the beak of the lock again.

     He then walked back to the doorway where he’d been before. Even though I was better than thirty feet away, and hadn’t done anything to help him, my knees were shaking.

     I was full of admiration for the guy. Smooth!

     We waited again.

     Lisa let the new guy in and she took her robe off and seeing all of her lovely body at once forced him to call on some inner strength to stop himself from closing with her while he was still fully dressed. He tore his clothes off and threw them wherever and the second that he was free of them he pushed her on to the bed and jumped on top of her and he came inside her in about thirty seconds.

     His action astonished her because if he had been an ordinary, paying john that would have ended the ‘date’ right there unless he wanted to pay her again.

     She asked what was all that about when he’d rolled off her and he said he was sorry but it had been a long time and so he’d needed it bad but not to worry because he’d get it

back up in a few minutes and he’d tell her when he wanted her to help make it happen.

     She let him play with her tits and stroke her thighs and ass as if he owned them. She girded her loins, as it were, to help pretend that his crude touches and groping was turning her on and after a few minutes she put her head on his chest and she played with the thick hair on it and she even kissed his nipples and cupped his balls as if she actually liked the guy and she asked him where did he live and what did he want to do for a living if he had his druthers, and more like that.

     After getting that treatment for a while he told her that he now knew why Eddy liked her so much and that he’d never been treated like this by a whore before just as he’d never been into one of their actual apartments and didn’t she smell great and he was really glad that he’d found her. A few minutes later, after a whole lot more of nonsensical murmurings, he said that he thought that he was ready now and she could go down on him to find out.

     She did lots of ‘out of the norm’ things – ordinarily chargeable – for him and after about twenty minutes he was one exhausted and bemused john. He said that he hadn’t known that a woman could be that nice and that accommodating and that expert. And a looker too! And no charge! And not one complaint, not even when he’d pulled out and had changed his aim when she was bending over for him.

     He thought to himself that she must be one of those nymphos or did she really like him? He’d heard about those things happening. Not to anyone one he knew, sure, but he’d heard.

     She started in with the sweet talk again and she went as far as to wash and dry his whole groin area and then she brought him his clothes and even helped him to get dressed and she stayed naked for him so that he could see everything that she had, bouncing and wobbling, while she attended to him.

     By then he was seriously thinking that he wanted to take her away from all of this and keep her for himself. Well, maybe he’d let her turn a trick or two to put food on the table and beer in the ‘fridge but apart from that it would be him only. Oh! And Eddy, of course. And, come to think about it, Brady could have some too because he owed him big time.

     He sat down and started his pathetic spiel. When could he come back? Did she like him as much as he liked her? Had she had as good a time as he’d had? There’d been no faking had there and she had really liked what he’d done to her hadn’t she? Come and sit on my lap, Lisa lil’ darlin’. Gimme a kiss. Would she like to come and live with him? He had a nice apartment that only needed a bit of cleaning and painting. Would she come?

     “I’d like to. We get on well together don’t we? I’ve been waiting for a guy like you for a long time. And yes, I really liked what we did together in bed. Really.”

     She giggled and then she unsheathed her invisible stiletto by saying, “We got one good thing going for us right from the start, haven’t we?” And then she put it against his jugular by asking, “At least there’ll be no problem with my getting away from my pimp, will there ‘lil darlin’?”

     “Yeah. That’s right! Say Lisa, how did you do that? You gotta tell me how – – – ”     Right then she stopped listening to the rest of his stupidities.

     She did some nodding and some “yeah, me too”-ing and, to keep from ruining the whole plan, even some more kissing but she skillfully blocked any serious groping else he might have wanted to wait around until he could do it again and she’d already decided that she’d had all she could take and that he’d had his last jump ever.

     As soon as she thought it safe she told him, gently, that she was really sorry but he had to leave because she had another date but he could come back tomorrow. “Yes, I want

you to come back tomorrow. Just you alone and nice and early if you can.”

     When he was out the door she went to the window and she signaled his fate with the blind.

     She waited until she heard two more ‘coughs’ like the last ones, down on the street, which she had immediately identified for what they were because it was unlikely to be anything else at that precise time, and then she looked out the window in the general direction of my doorway across the street and a little ways up and when she saw the two flashes she took a small handbag that had a thick string tied to the handle and she put three envelopes into the handbag and she carefully fastened it and then she opened the window and lowered it down.

     When she felt two tugs on the string she pulled it up until she had her handbag back and she waited there until she heard a car’s motor start up before closing the window.

     She went into her bathroom and opened the taps to draw a hot bath and she emptied a half of a bottle of salts into the water.

     She had mixed feelings about it all, which she analyzed while lying there soaking.

     Partly celebratory feelings – the threat was gone. Dealt with.

     Partly disgusted ones – she had actually allowed tongue kissing and all the rest with both of those pathetic low-life’s, Eddy and – – – she realized with a shock that she’d never heard what the second guy’s name was! Well, that made it easier for her to forget him and his ‘nice apartment that only needs a little cleaning and painting.’

     And partly despondent ones – the $16,300 that she’d paid out plus the extra $12,000 on top of it that she still needed to meet her goal, meant that she’d have to keep whoring for maybe three more months. She had disliked doing it for more than a year by then but in the last few months she had started to detest it so much that she had already decided to stop soliciting down on the streets because that part was the pits. Not knowing if her secret would be found out again by someone else didn’t help either. She knew that she couldn’t get away with it for much longer.

     She had worked out a long-term plan eight months ago – in fact, soon after she’d realized that she could start doing more than dream now that she was hanging on to some real money. She had decided that she’d wait until she had $100,000 and then she’d go to New York City and rent a classy apartment and would get it decorated and furnished like those on TV and in the magazines. Then she’d take her time to ask around and she’d find out which one of the ‘Escort Companies’ was the best and she’d join it and she figured that the way it worked was that she’d be given clients from their lists and the only escorting she’d have to do would be to escort them, one per night, from her front door to her bedroom with a stop at the Cash Register on the way.

     Maybe she’d even get to like having sex again. The kind that calls for cuddling before and after.

     Because she’d only be working for a few hours each night she’d decided that she would be too lonely, on her own in the big city and all, so she’d ask her only family member to go with her. The one she used to call ‘Uncle John’ until he ‘allowed’ her to sleep in his bed, and the one she could start to call by his real name once she got to New York and into her new life style where the name ‘John’ was just a guy’s name like ‘Bill’ or ‘Jim’ or ‘Harry’ was.

     She’d get an apartment with an extra bedroom that he could stay in quietly when she was doing some ‘escorting’ and he could run errands, and like that, when she wanted anything. He’d proved that he could find his way around cities and, seeing that this was a dangerous profession that she was in, who knew when he might have to take another trip to Chicago for her?

      Only thing is he’d better know better than to try that, ‘How about it, Lisa?’ stuff again, ever.

     When the little handbag came down I opened it and took out the three envelopes and then I gave the string two tugs and waited until the handbag disappeared upward. Then I went to the car and got in the passenger side but not without a very anxious feeling I must confess. What if Mr. Einstein thought that one too many persons, meaning me, had seen his face?

     I said, “Here you go, Mr. Einstein,” and I handed the two thickest envelopes to him and he opened one and counted the bills and then he opened the other and looked inside and then felt the two thicknesses to compare them and then he grunted and put them in an inside pocket.

     He started the car and we drove off.

     We’d agreed that he was to let me out just before we got to Main Street with its bright lights permanently on where I could catch a bus and then, just before we stopped and feeling pretty proud of myself after having seen everything through without a hitch, I let myself ask him what would happen to the bodies.


     He fairly snarled at me, “Hey, man! Don’t you know that ‘Stay the fuck out of my face,’ which you did good also means, ‘Shut the fuck up’ which you did bad. What d’you wanna do, come to the fuckin’ funeral services maybe?”

    We’d stopped by then and he leaned over and opened my door and then he said, “Get out now and stop worrying. They’ll be gone and they’ll stay fucking gone, believe me.”

     As I was swinging my legs out he said – I suppose that knowing that he’d just earned $15,000 in cash for less than one day’s work had mellowed him a bit – “Hey! Listen. ‘Albert Einstein’ is not my real name. I made it up. My real name is ‘Harry Potter.’ So long. Good working with you.”

     I didn’t open my envelope until I got home and then I found that there was only $810 in it! I was happy to have it but although I thought and thought about it I couldn’t figure out how she got to that amount.

     Of course, it goes without saying that it all went into envelope number five.

     A few days later I got a letter from Lisa. It had no ‘Dear’ anything to start off with but it said –

     I nearly didn’t give you any money at all remembering the stunt you pulled at your place. You’ll probably never know how wrong that was. However, I deducted $40 from the $1,000 that we agreed on to try to make me feel better about it. My days of giving it away are long gone so don’t you ever try that again and I’m going to try hard to forget it ever happened. We’re family. We help each other. We don’t screw each other.

     Anyway, I’ll come to see you in about three months and we’ll talk some more. I’ve got a proposition for you to consider. You’re the only family I’ve got in the world, God

help me, and apart from that one thing you did good, I suppose.

     You’ll see that I took out another $150 because I know you and you didn’t spend no $300 in Chicago.

   As I said, I’ll come out to your place in about three months with my proposition so maybe you should get started on finding some fool who will want to buy your luxurious mobile mansion.

    So long and mind you don’t work too hard!



     She was right about me not knowing what was wrong about asking her to let me have some. In that department she owed me, didn’t she? I still don’t know why what I did was wrong nor why she was so mad about it – ‘Families help each other’ – she wrote. Well that was the way that I’d wanted her to help me and it wound up costing me $40! I felt like telling her, ‘Families give to each other, they don’t charge each other,’ and I will too unless this ‘proposition’ that she mentioned turns out to be good.

     What I really didn’t like about her letter was that bit – ‘You did good, I suppose.’

     ‘I suppose!’ Couldn’t nobody have done my part better.

     I’m sure positive that Harry Potter couldn’t have done his job nearly as smoothly if I hadn’t been there – Ha! I knew all along that that first name he gave me, ‘Albert Einstein,’ was false because he didn’t look Jewish and, the clincher, he didn’t mind working after sundown on a Friday.