Page 45 Eating Meat

                            EATING MEAT.                                                               8-16-10

                                                                   Roy Garde.

 Many young girls develop odd eating habits at some time or another – no doubt only when they have the luxury of choice – but they usually get over them long before finishing high school.

However, Janet Mahr followed the opposite course in that she became progressively more purely vegetarian as the years passed and when she was a junior in college she jumped in with both feet and became a full-blown vegan.

She was thin but not too thin and she had a pretty face and a fine sense of humor and was very amiable all around so her social life and her sex life were as full as she wished them to be.

She was always very aware that her diet caused a large problem for a hostess and so when she was invited to a party, or knew that she might be asked to stay for a meal at a friend’s house, she always took her own food with her, partly to avoid getting stuck with a plate of lettuce and sliced tomato, and also to try to avoid having a half of the conversation through the entire meal get centered around questions like, “Just what is a ‘vegan’ “ and then the follow-ups, “Ooooh, how interesting. Tell me how you – ” or, more aggressively, “Noooo! How can you possibly – ?”

In her senior year she began dating her college’s No. 1 Quarterback and their love life was sporadic because when they first met they were squarely in the football season and so he was either too tired after a home game or too exhausted after practice or was playing away or was exhausted after coming back from an away game.

After the season they saw a lot more of each other and his friends knew that their relationship had gotten serious when instead of taking her to a regular restaurant and leaving her to do battle with the waiters as to exactly what the ingredients of every ambiguously described item on the menu were – which he’d done, blithely, ever since he’d met her – he started going to bona fide vegetarian restaurants of her choice where he’d have to do the questioning as he searched, always in vain, through the menu for a meat or fish dish or even one that had a sauce made from either one.

He took to eating a hamburger before meeting up with her and he kept a few Slim-Jims in his pockets for an emergency, recognizable, protein boost.

When they got between the sheets he was All-American – that is, if he’d managed to get himself a decent steak during the day – and she often marveled at his prowess as it was being demonstrated and again the next day in idle moments when her soreness and her aches and pains and strains were given the opportunity to call her attention back to them.

She was an appreciative and a responsive lover but not much on the innovative side and so he always had to take charge of the proceedings when he wanted more than complacency from her, which was often.

Sometimes he had to use coercion to get her to respond properly to a newly arrived need of his and he’d do that by refusing to do one of her favorite parts of a routine that they were engaged in even though it was logically and traditionally called for at that particular point and one that she’d set herself up for.

He’d wait until she was imploring him to revert to custom and then he’d promise to do it for her all night long or until she called out ‘uncle’ – which ever came first – but only after she’d obliged him by, “doing what I’m asking for.”

However, no matter how successful his strategy was in other aspects of their gymnastic love making he never could get her to participate fully in the sixty-nine position. She wouldn’t pull away when he’d maneuvered their bodies correctly and she’d condescend to kiss his penis and she’d smooth it and she’d rub her cheek along it and she’d murmur to it and she’d bury it in her hair – she’d even lick it sometimes – but she’d never actually take it into her mouth no matter what splendid promises he came up with nor how many dire consequences he threatened her with.

One weekend they were staying in his parents’ house together – the rest of his family had gone to New Orleans to a family wedding and so they had the place to themselves – and, after the movies and dinner, they went to bed on the Saturday night and they made wonderful, extended love and when it was over they went to sleep in each other’s arms.

At around five in the morning he was woken up by a tremendous erection and, in his befuddled state of mind, he didn’t realize that it had been generated by a vivid dream and, in the convoluted logic of dreams, he’d been brought the point where he was positive sure and certain that the only thing that could save his very life was a thorough, and enthusiastically administered, blow-job.

He woke Janet up and tried to move her into position, thinking that she too had to be following the logic in his dream, but she resisted, emphatically, and so, puzzled and close to getting angry, he forced himself to stop manhandling her and try to collect himself.

When he was sufficiently close to being himself again he apologized and was properly contrite but, even so, he ‘allowed’ her to become aware of his predicament and she immediately recognized the tremendous amount of need that he was suffering under and so she forgave him and, in the face of such urgency, she offered to accommodate him in any, other, manner that he could come up with.

The motivation from the dream had already faded by then but he stayed fixated on having her practice fellatio on him and so he pleaded with her and kept on pleading but in vain. After several minutes of it she got annoyed and so she told him, “Enough! It’s not going to happen. Get that into your thick head. It-is-just-not-on!”

That forced him to take back full control from his lower brain – although he, and it, remained very aware that it was only on a temporary basis and even then it was only because thinking was called for and his lower brain was only ever clear as to the procedure to follow when it was a straight-forward, “Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.” – and the plan that he came up with entailed his asking her to be nice enough to do it with him in the Victorian position.

She readily agreed to that suggestion because that is the way that is most complimentary to women in that, throughout, they remain on a nearly equal footing with men and – far from having to go through the ordeal of lying down and opening up for penetration and then keeping still to let the pounding go on and then having to encourage, if it were ever to end, and then deal with a messy injection, which, however fervently the woman might want to avoid acknowledging it, means having to receive, receive, always receive – it automatically and unequivocally sets the couple up for sharing and being able to look into each others eyes as it is going on and lets them swap kisses without effort and as much touching of each other as any one could possibly want. While it is never in doubt as to who is actually doing the penetrating there is no pounding going on and the in-and-outing is so pleasing for the woman that she soon finds herself offering up thanks to Nature for being clever enough to design men and women in a way that makes the sharing possible. And then, to top all, when the injecting part becomes imminent she finds that it is exactly what her void is calling for!

Also, the whole process is made all the more poignant and satisfying from knowing that his ecstasy will certainly, for once, trigger the onset of hers and won’t be catch-as-catch-can as was usual.

When he was given the go-ahead he, knowing from long practice what the optimum height her center should be so as to avoid straining his knees and his back, put their two pillows on top of each other and at the edge of the bed and then he helped her to sit on them, When that was done she spread her legs as far as they’d go because she knew that that turned him on even though, on that particular occasion, it was very evident that he needed no more motivation.

In fact, he didn’t ever remember having to bear such an awe-inspiring, won’t-quit erection before right then and so when he’d pushed it all the way into her he felt a huge relief but, even so, not enough to make him settle for a conventional transfer of fluids.

He found that he was more determined than ever to stick to his plan.

He started fondling her breasts in the way that she liked most and when she started to respond he promptly stopped touching them.

He then began to move in and out of her, ever so slowly, and when her hips, involuntarily, began to help him get it done and she was murmuring, “Oooooh, yes. Like that.” in synch with his every directional change, he stopped doing that too.

He started in on kissing her, open mouthed, and when she reciprocated he stopped doing that too.

He then moved on to one her favorite things of all which was nibbling on her ear lobe in between whispering loving nonsense.

When she was fully into that and was whispering back at him in appreciation he stopped doing it and then recommenced driving into her and he speeded up his strokes until she’d lost herself in the rhythm of receiving him and when she, forsaking all else, opened herself up like a trumpet vine flower does to accommodate a voracious, incoming bee, he stopped and pulled out altogether!

She was a woman scorned, scorned as thoroughly as it is possible to be, but where could she direct her fury?

Far from wanting to reprimand him or chastise him or even question him what she wanted was contact to recommence immediately but instead of that he eased her down onto the mattress and he climbed on to her in the sixty-nine position and then he flicked his tongue expertly until she’d quieted in hope and blessed anticipation and then he slipped his arms under her and turned with her until she was on top of him and then he used his tongue again until she started to thrust her hips downwards and at him and then, careful to use the proper and appropriate timing, he stopped licking her and reached down and brought the end of his member in contact with her lips and he used his tongue, fleetingly and tantalizingly, to maintain the status quo as he waited.

Clearly, his treatment had brought her to the point where no woman can stay rational and hold on to qualms, no matter how long they’d been in force nor how vehemently they’d been insisted on heretofore, and so she capitulated and opened her mouth and took the head of his member into it and then, not knowing how to be false to her credo of ‘In for a penny, in for a pound” she engulfed it and then worked hard to make her mouth become a responsive, articulate and exciting vagina for him.

Realizing very well that an agreement had been forged between them, in steel, he set to at his end, also with vigor but he was careful to time himself so that they moved along the path to lift-off in lock-step.

Although she’d only read about the technique of deep-throating she did know about the benefits that it bestowed and so, when she realized that the convulsions that presage the transfer of vital male fluids was upon him, she forced herself to encompass his entire shaft and thus saw to it that her gagging reflexes were de-activated, by being by-passed, and that her taste buds weren’t swamped with vileness, also by being by-passed, and that she wouldn’t have to destroy the sense of oneness by having to rush away to wash her mouth out and, not a bit incidentally, had guaranteed that her partner would be delighted with her.

That done she let go of all controls and allowed pure lust to flood her whole body and when it had collapsed into being a mindless blob it gave her psyche leave to seek out, and graze in, her Elysian Fields,

He felt totally and happily drained and he found that he was content to a point that he’d never dreamed possible and so, muscles turned to mush, he lovingly rested his hands on her buttocks and drifted down and away. Consequently, when she came back to earth, she found that she was pinioned and anchored on top of him and, being less than a half of his weight, she felt a little like one of those attendant sucker-fish that attach themselves to Great White Sharks. However, because of her recent, not yet totally dispersed, euphoria she founds it easy to make herself accept her role, for the present, and she went to sleep in that same position.

When she woke up the sun was well up in the sky and she was surprised to find that she still had his shrunken penis in her mouth – it took her back to her childhood when the whole house would get woken up by her screams if her pacifier had fallen out of her mouth during the night – and so she eased her head away and by doing so she milked it of its last drops of semen and found that, like coffee, it tastes a little less pungent that it smells.

As she was using the loofah in the shower she realized that she was ravenously hungry so she hurried to get finished and when she’d dried herself off she pulled on a robe and went downstairs and into the kitchen and she started the coffee brewing and then took an inventory of the contents of the refrigerator.

That done, she poured two mugs of coffee and she took one upstairs and put it down on the bedside table and then she kissed her lover awake and said, “Hey there, sleepy head, I’ve brought coffee for you. You know, it’s well after eleven o’clock and so I’m going to make brunch and it’s going to be ham with fried eggs and pork sausages and chorizo and mushrooms and tomatoes and buttered toast.

“Is all that OK for you, too?”