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                                      BEAT ARMY.                                                              3-14-11

                                                                      Roy Garde.

Carmen Diaz Perez had wanted to live in the USA ever since she’d seen her first Hollywood extravaganza and her deep desire to immigrate into the wondrous country that it portrayed increased with every US movie that she saw after that.

As soon as she was eligible, after high school, she applied at the US Embassy and was advised, by a sympathetic clerk that it would be a long wait indeed unless, “You can bring something to the table with you.’ “

“Like what?”

“Well, speaking the language would be a big help and so would having a skill.”

“Skill? Oh, skill. Well, what skill would be best?”

“Well now, you can’t go wrong with a Nursing Diploma, for instance. There are never enough nurses and when you have that degree you’ll be able to walk right in because that quota is rarely, if ever, filled.”

She bought a, ‘Learn To Speak American English In Four Weeks,’ paperback and from then on she never left home, on her way to the School of Nursing or, later, to the Hospital where she was training, or to anywhere else, without having it in her purse.

When she figured that she’d memorized enough words she wanted to try speaking the new language but there were no English speakers in her little town, that she knew of, and so when she went shopping one afternoon on her day off she walked past a movie house that was showing a sub-titled film and she saw a group of tourists going in so she bought a ticket and went in after them with the intention of approaching them when the movie was over and saying something appropriate about the film.

As stated, she’d seen many US movies before but they’d all been dubbed rather than sub-titled – where she lived if they hadn’t been dubbed very few people would go and see them and laziness was as much the reason for that as was poor eye sight or illiteracy – and when the movie started she confidently closed her eyes, as an experiment, intending to just listen to the dialogue.

She was both confused and very disappointed when she realized that she wasn’t understanding any of it. She opened her eyes to see if something was wrong – maybe they were speaking French or German, or whatever – but when she started in on reading the subtitles she was able to retranslate them and recognize some of the words that were being spoken by the actors and so, with that, it only took her a few minutes to, very unhappily, accept the fact that book learning was very far from enough on its own.

She was so busy at the Hospital that she didn’t have the time, nor did she have the money, to take classes in English and so she had to content herself with watching and listening to movies and TV programs that were sub-titled and she made some progress over the years but she didn’t get to be fluent by a long chalk.

She’d been over-weight since birth and her heavy bones saw to it that she would stay that way all her life and she was also one of those unfortunate girls who have such a broad, flat face that their femininity is overwhelmed by it and consequently boys, in general, don’t so much as consider asking them out on dates nor are they much interested in copping feels and snatching kisses if there any alternatives open to them.

Because of that she had reconciled herself to being alone most of the time – that is after her one-time play friends had all graduated to giggling about what had gone on in the back row of the movies on their last dates – and although her enforced loneliness made her face take on an almost permanent scowl it did mean that she had time to do her homework and to study properly and because of that she kept getting fairly good grades.

Her one real encounter with sexuality came to her one afternoon when she was fifteen and was taking a nap on the couch in her living room. One of her uncles, who was visiting and was playing hoops with her two brothers on the street outside the house, had come in to re-fill water bottles and when he was passing through on the way to the kitchen he saw her lying there, sleeping on her side, and her skirt had moved up and he could see her thigh all the way up to her panties.

Lust overcame him and so Carmen was woken-up by being felt-up and she would have shouted for help if he hadn’t quickly covered her mouth with his free hand.

Her brain was actively protesting but, to her astonishment, she found that her body not only wasn’t taking up a defensive position but her hips had moved around until she was lying flat on her back and her legs had opened to welcome and facilitate what was about to happen.

She didn’t understand why her body was doing that but her uncle did and he maneuvered his hand until it had found its way into her panties and when his middle finger had slipped into her, easily, he saw from the look on her face that he could take his hand off her mouth because he‘d seen that look before and he knew that the only shouting that she was going to do was to urge him on to greater effort when he was rove up her.

Ever so reluctantly he had to let go of her for a moment to do something about his erection because by then it had gotten so big that its confinement was hurting him so he stood up and eased it out and he took one of her hands and arranged its fingers around it so that her automatic response – closing her fingers to squeeze it – would give him some relief to do some exploring and then he pushed her skirt up to her waist and then, totally sure of himself by then, he whispered, “Lift your bottom up, lil darlin’ so that I can take your panties off.” and – she did!

He dropped them on the floor and was in the act of going down on her when he heard one of her brothers come into the house – evidently, he wanted to find out what was keeping him and the water – and so he hurriedly stood up and rearranged her skirt and then he kicked her panties underneath the couch and then turned away and tucked in his rapidly diminishing penis and did his zipper up.

He rapidly thought up an excuse to offer up even though what he wanted to do was to scream out the vilest curses that he knew. His entire body was in turmoil because he’d been just a few minutes away from finding the ultimate relief known to man and instead of which he was left with – what? With depression and shattered hope and leaking semen.

 Carmen pretended to be asleep and when they’d both gone away and she could breathe easily again she knew that she should analyze her body’s reaction to what had been very close to becoming outright rape and although she hated what she finally came up with – she already knew that she was definitely a sensual person – it was that she had to accept the fact that if she wasn’t very careful she could well become a girl like the one that the ‘native’ gang in ‘Westside Story,’ a movie that she’d seen a dozen or more times, had called, “anybody’s.”

She resigned herself to accept it and with that knowledge she, from then on, not only didn’t fall asleep anywhere except in her room but she also took it as a warning about what would certainly happen if she allowed any boy, or man, touch her.

When she’d decided on that she let her mind go back over the details again and when she came to the part where she’d actually obeyed his instruction about lifting her bottom her palm got hot and she remembered what it had been holding and her whole body got flooded with need and so she searched for her panties and then hurryied upstairs to her room where she locked the door and laid herself down on the bed where she put that residual heat to expert use seeing that, having three brothers, she’d inevitably come across, and had ‘borrowed,’ their porn magazines and had learned from them how to give pleasure to herself.

By dint of hard work she eventually got her nursing diploma and so, after that, getting the necessary documents to get into the US of A was a cake walk for her because on the strength of having graduated she’d been offered a job, sight unseen, in Los Angeles General Hospital and because the quota for nurses hadn’t been filled for many years and because she had a firm offer of a job offer in the States already, the corners were rounded even more for her.

So, a scant three months after her interview she found herself in the Los Angeles Airport and she was met by someone from the Personnel Dept. and taken to a hostel where she was given a room and, when she’d dropped off her bags there, to the Hospital.

She settled in nicely but, because of her poor skill with the language, she worked only with Latinos which was OK by her except for the fact that she still dearly wanted to enter the main-stream and be accepted as an American and, thus, indistinguishable from one of them.

 After six months or so she hadn’t made much progress with her quest and then someone to whom she was moaning about her isolation and her green card status told her that the thing to do to get citizenship immediately and, not a bit incidentally, to become fluent in the language quickly, was to join one of the armed forces.

She looked into it and liked what the Army was offering, and so, when the Hospital finally released her from her contract, she enrolled for four years.

Everything went well as far as she was concerned, but – as far as the army was concerned? – not so much.

From her very first day in boot camp she was the bane of every instructor there and if nurses weren’t in such heavy demand she would have been – uh – booted out.

There was nothing wrong with the way that she learned to become conversant with the way that the Army wanted her to carry out her nursing duties – in fact she got many good reports regarding her diligence and skills – but the problem was that for the entire four months that she was there she had to march with the other enlistees – from the barracks to, and from: field training; the mess hall; class room instructions; the Gym; Doctor check ups and inoculations; and – – – well, dozens of other similar hurry-up-and-wait details – and if, while they were marching, there happened to be a band practicing within hearing distance – and there was almost always a band practicing within hearing distance – although her brain kept sending down signals to her legs to keep in step with every one else her blood interfered with those signals and the result was more like sashaying than marching. If the band was playing something with a regular beat – as was also nearly always the case – that made it worse for her because her hips and her arms would, unbidden, react to it in an attractive but very undisciplined, and definitely non-army way.

She was given individual instruction, in her ‘free’ time, over and over, but every Drill Sergeant who accepted the challenge had to give up before very long – they’d all quickly come to the conclusion that it simply wasn’t in her to change – and they’d put that into their report and, because such a thing couldn’t be allowed on an Army base, it finally sunk in enough with the superior brass that she’d better be given a general pass on marching and consequently she was told to make her own way to wherever was her class’s next destination.

When her initiation into the Army was completed she was entitled to be promoted to sub-lieutenant but it was deemed that, “Her fluency in the English language wasn’t yet good enough to maintain proper discipline with her subordinates,” and so she was sent to a base in Arizona with the rank of Warrant Officer and was told that if, in one year’s time, she had become fluent enough she’d be given her commission.

Her nursing skills were much appreciated in her new clinic and there wasn’t much marching required so no one could criticize her and she got on well with everyone. When she’d settled down she took advantage of the Army’s clever method of teaching languages and her English steadily improved.

At the end of the following spring the top Army brass decided to visit the base to do an evaluation of its innovative tank camouflage technique.

The Camp Commander had been given a week’s notice of the visit and because the General in question was known to like having a formal march-past by everyone in every base that he visited the Colonel gave out orders to that effect and thought it best to hold a full dress rehearsal on the day before the real thing.

The band was drawn up behind the saluting platform and was in full swing when Carmen’s platoon came up and when the Colonel saw her sashaying past him he, while secretly amused, was furious with his assistants for not dealing with the situation beforehand. The phrase, “What if – – – ?” kept running through his mind.

They, to a man, disclaimed all prior knowledge and, later on, when they examined her papers they found that there was no mention in them about her inability to march properly and they all, correctly, assumed that the boot camp in question hadn’t wanted to put into writing the fact that they’d failed at the most basic part of basic-training. Even when it was a nurse’s basic-training.

When one of them told that to the Colonel he exonerated them all and said, “Good. OK. I’m pleased to hear it. Well now, thank the good Lord that I called for this dummy run. Ha! You know how horny the old goat gets and if he’d seen that woman prancing past him he’d come back here every other week wanting to get another look. Make damned sure that she stays out of sight tomorrow.”

Carmen was told that, on the day, she should go to the Rec. Room after breakfast and stay there until the parade was over.

Private Raymond Edwards couldn’t march properly either and he too had been allowed to stay in boot camp and finish the basic training course in spite of it but in his case it been because back then, around fifteen years before, the Army had needed every warm body it could get because there’d been a war going on and soldiers, even the ones destined to be clerks, were thin on the ground.

All of the drill instructors that he’d ever had had asked him, at one time or other, to take his boots off so that they could see for themselves whether or not he had two left feet.

 Raymond’s ineptitude became very evident on the dress rehearsal march-past because he had little notion of how to stay in step and so he’d have to “Platoon, change step,” often without being ordered to do so and that meant that all of the soldiers who were behind him in his file had to change step too. It didn’t take long to track down the offender and he was excused, by the Colonel, and told to ‘stand down’ and to stay in the Rec. room the next day.

So, the two were thrown together – Carmen, who, when any kind of music was been played in hearing distance, had rhythm emanating from every part of her body, even when she was sitting gown, and Raymond, who was completely gauche and awkward and graceless at all times no matter what he was doing.

In the Rec. Room they congratulated each other for being ‘clever enough’ to have escaped having to get into their full dress uniforms and then do all of that marching but, privately, they were both embarrassed and sorry that they weren’t average enough to be out there with their colleagues.

Wishing that it could be different was the only thing on Carmen’s mind at that time but that wasn’t a bit true as far as Raymond was concerned. He was alone with a big woman, which was his favorite kind, and after a few minutes of being aware of her presence he badly wanted to get close to her.

Just after they heard the band start up Raymond went over to the soda machine and got two bottles of orange juice – that’s what she’d asked for when he’d offered to go and ‘buy’ her a drink even though they both knew that the drinks were free but he wanted to get her to smile – and he brought them, along with two paper cups, back to where she was sitting and was already moving her upper body around in time to the music.

He gave her one of the cups to hold and when he was pouring juice into it the combination of his natural awkwardness and the fact that she couldn’t keep still and, especially, because his attention was being distracted due to her blouse’s top button being open, which let him ogle some choice flesh, some of it spilled onto her forearm.

Naturally, she was exasperated with his clumsiness but when he’d apologized she obeyed him when he told her to stay where she was while he went to get some paper towels.

Big mistake.

When he got back he used his left hand to hold her wrist in place while he wiped and dabbed at her wet arm and he was very, very happy to find that she was responding to his touch because every time that he pressed down with the towel her arm returned an equal amount of pressure and then tried to lift to maintain the contact at the end of every stroke. It was giving him the message that her body was very aware of his male presence and he didn’t know, or care, that it was a completely involuntary reaction of hers nor that if he’d stopped looking down her cleavage and had looked at her face he’d have seen from the expression on it that her brain wanted nothing to do with him, thank you very much.

Raymond was awkward but he was by no means backward and so, highly encouraged already but wanting one more signal of approval from her before going ahead at full steam – she did, after all, outrank him by a mile – he pressed his leg against her thigh and then moved it a little.

That new message of his was very clear to Carmen and she said, both severely and dismissively, “Hey, private! D’you mind, plees?” but that didn’t stop her thigh from returning the pressure and Raymond ignored her admonition and followed his instinct and he touched her face and when she returned that pressure too, in the way that all women do when the touch is very welcome, he, now fully sure of himself, slipped his free hand into her blouse and he gasped with wonder at the silkiness of what he found there and he caressed it and weighed it and singled out its nipple and then he remembered that what he was holding had a twin and he hastened to include it in.

Many, “No, no, no, no’s” came at him but he ignored them all and he moved so as to be sitting next to her and then he started in on kissing her mouth while his hands were busy elsewhere. She couldn’t talk because of that and so she tried to shake her head but that carried no authority at all and, anyway, shortly after that his left hand found its way between her inner thighs and when one of his fingers located her vulva she opened her legs to let him get full access to all that she had and when that happened it was game over.

Thirty minutes later she was still protesting but by then he was wondering if he could get it up for the third time and he was waiting for the twinges that would tell him if such a thing was on the cards. He’d already realized that as long as he kept his hand where it was, cupping her center, whether they did it again or not depended entirely on his ability to respond to the challenge because it was by then obvious to him that she was a helpless victim of her blood seeing that her body had remained prostrate and accessible from the second that he’d been able to slip his middle finger into her.

 When a woman has coupled with a man three times in less than one hour she can hardly treat him as a stranger any more and, seeing that he’d produced and had rolled a condom on each time and had expertly seen to it that she got a whole lot of pleasure all three times, she agreed to meet him again and they started dating but it had to be done surreptitiously because he was only a private and discovery of their liaison might well hurt her chances of being given a commission.

For the first few months she borrowed a friend’s apartment several times a week to be able to see him but when, at last, her commission came through she was able to rent a small apartment of her own and they began to spend their nights together.

Having to not be seen together wasn’t a big deal for them because on the few occasions that they were walking next to each other his awkwardness meant that they couldn’t co-ordinate their movements and, consequently, her hips and thighs would be black and blue after they’d gone a few blocks. That was the case even if there was no music being played within hearing distance but if they passed a radio that was tuned to a popular music station her hips became dangerous weapons and so they quickly learned to keep at least a three feet space between them until they were out of range.

They necessarily learned to keep out of each other’s way in the apartment but they could hardly do so when they were in bed together which, of course, suited them at first.

By then she had positively blossomed from getting all of that nice loving for the first time in her life and, similarly, he got to appreciate having a willing woman available to him whenever he wanted to move in on her.

Like all men he was quick to exert his power and when he was horny – like as not from looking at porn movies on his desk computer for much of the day – and had been waiting impatiently for her to come home, when she did, even though he knew that she was probably far too exhausted to want to accommodate him – she sometimes had to put in twelve hour days and when she came home after one of those all that she wanted to do was to get some sleep – when they were in bed together he’d learned to stop asking her to get naked for him, because her exhaustion would make her laugh derisively, and to simply reach over and grab one of her breasts or a buttock and although she’d groan in protest she’d also, invariably, turn onto her back at once and she’d slip her panties off and open up for him.

Also, he liked to make love every morning, without fail, and if, sometimes, she’d slipped out of bed before the alarm had gone off and had gotten showered and dressed and was ready to go out the door, with the intention of thwarting him because she was still sore from the night before or was angry with him for some reason, he’d only have to get close enough to be able to put a hand on her and she’d instantly and uncomplainingly capitulate and she’d take her panties off and then stand there awaiting his order as to whether he wanted her to bend over something or lie down or get down on her knees.

Although her availability was never in doubt, and although she always enjoyed his administrations no matter for how long or what kind and although together they’d amassed a huge repertoire of fun things to do, for him the quality of their love making sometimes suffered greatly because of her lack of control.

When she’d been ‘tuned up’ properly she couldn’t, for the life of her, keep still for him and her body picked its own responses and so it was many months before he learned to exploit her gyrations and benefit from them in terms of the pleasure that they inadvertently gave him but, even so, he knew that he was never in charge completely and he resented, silently, being the male and supplying the weapon but still not being the one who called the shots.

One Sunday afternoon they were going at it to beat the band and he was riding high and really enjoying himself when the music from their neighbors apartment changed from moody stuff to Salsa and seconds later he found himself on the floor after being bucked off her.

He was eager, as was Mother Nature, to get it finished – not to mention wanting to get his penis out of the cold air and back into the warmth and softness of happy valley ASAP – so he hurriedly stood up and climbed back into the saddle and this time he held on tightly and tried to dictate the rhythm but a scant two minutes later – once again on the brink – there he was yet again, looking up at the bed from the carpet.

He was very angry. “Look here, Carmen,” he said when he was lying next to her and had made her hold his penis to comfort it while he was making his feelings known, “this can’t be. Enough already. I know how difficult it is for you to keep still for me but this is totally ridiculous. J-e-e-e-sus Chrrr-i-s-t! I was just about to come, as you must have known, and I then found myself flying through the air and landing on the floor. And that happened not once but twice! For the love of God, woman, when I’m that far along please make a special effort to relax and let me get on with it. You keep fucking-up my rhythm when I need it the most.”

 “Ah! Si, si, si,” said Carmen, so delighted with him that she let her English fly where it might, “Eso es. Thees ees eet, carino. Por fin, lo tenemos. Now we have eet, Raymundo mi amor. Tu eres muy, muy intelligente y habil, mi corazon. Yes, yes, si, si, si. Ees true. Thees we do in future – you weel completely fuck up my rhythm and I weel completely fuck down yours. At last, carino, we have find the way to work thees theeng together.”