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                              THE ARTICULATE ARTICULAR.             7-4-11

                                            Roy Garde.

     Valerina was surprised that it had gone on this long.

     She was lying underneath her husband – this would make it four straight nights that he had told her not to go to sleep until he’d come upstairs – and she was dutifully going

through the, “OOH! That’s so good. Give it to me, darling.” stuff for him as she did the math.

     He could never go to sleep if he hadn’t had sex that afternoon or evening so she could keep track of his extra curricular love life easily and she worked out that the last girl had lasted four weeks and three days which was a near record for him.

     She knew that he was more than a half way through with her because he had discontinued the pleasure probing and had found, and was settled in on, a serious rhythm that would carry him down the home stretch until he was seconds from reaching the post at which time he’d hand over control to Mother Nature and then the two of them together, galloping full out, would certainly regain all of her attention in plenty of time to let her get her act together so that she could react properly for him, and also keep from getting hurt. In the meantime she could go on autopilot and think of other things and it was then that the brilliant idea came to her.

     It was so clever that she stopped with her vocal offerings and continued with the equally phony physical reactions by rote only. All of her controlled `abandoned in

lust’ writhings and reachings and claspings went on automatically else they would have simply stopped because her mind was exploring the ramifications of her brain wave.

     That afternoon she had approved her mother-in-law’s query – as to whether she could give her granddaughter, Valerina’s daughter, an anatomically correct doll that she’d bought for her birthday – on the one condition that she got to look at it first.

     When she had it in her hands she’d taken down the little panties and had seen that they had covered the most innocuous portrayal of a female’s genitals since all those

medieval paintings of Eve. There was only a vague hint of labia – achieved by way of a thin line that was about a half inch long – and further examination revealed that it had a light brown, bordering on pinkish, dot of paint for an anus.

     The manufacturers were obviously being wary about advancing too far too quickly. Probably they didn’t want anyone to get their knickers in a twist, as it were, about the innovation.

    Well, the idea that came to her, as she was being pounded legitimately, was to manufacture not only life-like anatomically correct dolls but ones that could be made to function correctly too! Straight off the cuff she realized that there was a large plus, commercially speaking, in that it would call for both male and female dolls to be produced in equal numbers and, happily, would encourage everyone to buy both which is always a clever, basic, business practice.

     As she lay there, still co-operating automatically while her husband diligently banged away at her, she decided that the female doll would have to have some blondish pubic hair partially covering mounded vulvas and there’d have to be a very discrete hole low down between them – pliable so as not to gape after use and thus become ugly – and the male doll would have some pubic hair too but it would be darker and curly through and through and it  would also have adorable little, soft testicles and a sweet little penis that could be triggered into becoming a viable object by the pressing of a lever that was near but – memo to self, for heavens sakes be sure that it’s not placed too near – his bottom. On further thought she decided that the lever should have a large paddle-like surface so as to positively identify it for what it wasn’t!

     The financing side wasn’t a problem for her because one thing that she’d never lacked after getting married was access to money. She could use as much as she wanted with no questions as to why or what she was going to do with it because this would be her fourth entrepreneurial venture and the first three had been very profitable. Her husband showed zero interest in her subsequent endeavors except for asking to see the year-end profit figures of each one so that he could adjust the family’s investment portfolio to suit.

    She was free to do anything that she pleased with her days just as he – a somewhat shady ‘Investment Banker,’ although he would only admit to being a `Technical Advisor’ to avoid being constantly asked for advice by casual acquaintances – did in his office downtown.

     They had so much money between them that the actual amount had become almost meaningless. For instance, there was a large hold all in the bottom of a wardrobe that had a hundred thousand dollars in it, in twenty-dollar bills, that was kept there only ‘in case it might be needed sometime.’ Just as other people keep a roll of quarters handy.

     She had just decided on the styles and colors of the two prototypes’ hair when she was brought back to the business at hand by the speeding up of her husbands thrusts so she put her act together for him and was ready with her bucking and reaching and the deep gasps and barely stifled screams of joy that were let out as and where appropriate. He was an expert, as he well should be seeing the amount of experience that he’d had, and would certainly have been very annoyed if she ever faked her reaction to his short-stroked, triumphant finale in a half-assed way.

     On principle she never refused him, it was unthinkable to do so anyway with their culture and upbringing, but every time that he did it to her she thanked her stars that he

went about it in an absolutely straight forward and conventional way and showed no interest in the myriad alternate approaches and did no experimentation nor showed the slightest urge to indulge in any of the vagaries. Just as he drank the same red wine with lunch and dinner, and liked the same dozen or so meals to be served in rotation and bought the same brand of car every year, he also performed in bed in the well trusted and time honored missionary way.

     He explained his thinking on all of that by telling her that while Champagne was very good he preferred Chianti and seeing that it didn’t need chilling, nor elaborate serving techniques and cost a quarter as much, what kind of fool would he be if he changed his habits?

     When he rolled off her he went to sleep in minutes as always but it was hours before she could do the same.

     She had zero qualms about overcoming the difficulties with designing and producing her dolls but what kept her awake was the finding of a market for them.

     Obviously there would be some sales to hospitals and the various associated sad clinics that deal with child molestation cases and rape and the like and perhaps some

police departments might need them but she wanted a more general acceptance.

     But how! Who!

     She spent most of the following morning, at her desk in her office that had once been her eldest child’s room, thinking about how to get her new project off the ground but although she came up with more small potential purchasers like Collectors and Sex Education Classes she could not think of a big market that would ensure overall success.

      To take her mind off it, after lunch, she phoned down to Vinnie, one of her husband’s chauffeur\bodyguards, and she told him to come up for `coffee.’

     While they were getting undressed she marveled yet again as to how two men with essentially the same equipment could affect her so differently.

     As far as her husband was concerned she thought of herself as being merely a duty-bound support system for her warm, moist, sweetly-smelling vagina that was made that way for him a minute or two after she knew that he wanted to use it soon by a strategically placed dollop of gel and a puff of perfume whereas she only had to see Vinnie come into her spare room and close the door behind him and she would get moist naturally, in seconds, but decidedly not sweetly-smelling. She was thankful that the smell of an aroused woman was Vinnie’s favorite perfume by far and, indeed, he would have probably felt cheated and wouldn’t have been able to perform quite as well if it wasn’t present and all-pervading.

      When she saw his shirt come off, and reveal all of that black curly hair and his huge muscles, her center would start to ache to receive him and that made her hasten with the unbuttoning and the untying to get naked for him faster.

     Vinnie was also very different from her husband in another way. He wanted to do nearly everything that it is possible to do between the sheets every time and, although she disliked doing most of them, she went along with all of them because he was Vinnie and if it was Vinnie who was using her breasts in a strange way or was caressing her haunches with evil intent she somehow lost the will to rebel and so she did whatever he asked or, after all their practice, merely indicated what position he wanted her to take up. She was buoyed somewhat through it all by knowing that if she worked hard to please him in everything then that would cut the time down before he couldn’t help but get around to giving her what she was aching for.

     She never let herself think back on the details of what they had done horizontally when she got to be vertical again because it would have troubled her to have to acknowledge that she was capable of allowing herself to be a party to such brute, degrading carnality. She also stopped herself from thinking about them when her need made her pick up the phone to invite him up for ‘coffee’ again.

     Up until the minute she wanted him, and for a minute or two after she’d had him and he had left her room, he hardly existed for her. She equated the hour or so that she spent with him several times each week with having a large, prolonged meal that was necessary to assuage a hunger that was caused by staying on a diet the rest of the time.

     He liked to rest on top of her for five minutes or so when he was done because he always exhausted himself going at it and so she had to lie still for him with her ankles still resting up on the small of his back. Doing so was relatively easy for her because – seeing that he was rigged like a horse – she had to be fully open for him when he was at last forced to put the play aspect aside and get serious and from then on, because his hips were so wide, she couldn’t lower her legs until he’d gotten off in her and had then gotten off of her.

    While waiting for him to deign to disengage her mind wandered back to her marketing problem and it came to her that if she made Sally’s, she had decided that morning to name the female doll “Sally Sluthers” and the male doll would be “Richard Randolph”, if she made Sally’s hips, thighs and knees flexible she could be positioned to accommodate Richard just as she was cradling Vinnie at that moment and then the dolls could be sold in Porn shops and who knows how many other people would decide to become Collectors when the word spread of what they could be made to do. After all, didn’t all of those Sex Magazines sell in the millions? Well then. If she made her dolls attractive enough and life-like enough the people who bought those magazines could re-enact the couplings portrayed in them up close and in “3 D.”

    She moved her new design idea to the rear of her mind to make way for the far bigger commercial picture that it engendered and which had made it obvious to her that she didn’t need to look for one big market because all of these little markets would add up to huge sales.

     She got so enthusiastic about getting started that for the first time ever she told Vinnie to get off her and he, thinking that she must have heard her husband, his boss, come into the house, nearly gave himself a hernia in his rush to get into his clothes and out of the bedroom.

     She had the good sense to take some time to reassure him with kisses and such – she didn’t want to mess up what she had going with him – but because he could plainly see her hurrying to get dressed, after giving him those kisses and reassurances, he didn’t breathe freely again until he was safely back in his station by the front gate with his colleagues. They were all envious of the first class action that he was getting, and of the good quality bling that came with it but, at the same time, they all thought that he was out of his mind to even think of cuckolding the big boss and to risk very real, very positive and totally non-appealable retribution if he got caught.

     Over the following months Valerina applied for various patents and she shepherded her creations through the different stages of the design and the engineering of the bodies and the limbs and the faces, and then the hair styles and the clothes and the shoes and all of the rest of it, and she made arrangements with factories to produce the parts and with workshops to put them all together and then she hired the same PR people and Marketing people and Advertising people that she’d worked with on earlier projects.

    So, it took a full year before the dolls actually came on the market but orders started pouring in as soon as their future availability had become known and a few months after their production began it was obvious to all that long term success was quite certain.

     Every different niche market came up with requests for modifications and soon there were dozens of different models.

     Police departments asked for size-adjustable penises and breasts for identification purposes. Also, they wanted all of the skin colors that humans come in instead of just white.

     The Rape Trauma Clinics wanted Sally’s and Richard’s anuses to be made penetrable and also, for Richard, a reservoir of liquid and a plumbing system that together with a trigger could be made to simulate an ejaculation.

     The Sex Educational classes wanted to be able to make Sally’s clitoris and nipples ‘swell’ and that both dolls be given tongues that could stick out and that Sally’s mouth be redesigned so as to allow it to open wide enough, and have sufficient depth, to be used to demonstrate oral stimulation. Also, that the two bodies be reconfigured slightly because it was difficult to arrange them ‘realistically and comfortably into the 69 position or into the doggy fashion one,’ as they were then being manufactured.

     Hospitals wanted testicles that could be made to drop away from the body a little and they wanted stick-on underarm and chest hair for Richard and they wanted a pouch that could be strapped on to Sally’s hips that had a tiny baby inside which could be pushed out to imitate the natural way of giving birth and with a flap half way between breasts and crotch to demonstrate the Caesarian birth procedure.

     The Porn. wholesalers wanted all of the above, except for the baby pouch, and they wanted to buy ten times as many Sallys as Richards which formed a problem but not for very long because soon after that another order came in from Gay Porn. wholesalers who wanted ten times as many Richards as Sallys. These last two spelled out in detail what modifications they wanted done on all of their Richards but some of them would have made them prohibitively expensive to produce.

    As that was proceeding collectors became the biggest market. They wanted one of every possible combination of extras that was ever made because they had at last found something to collect that didn’t just lie there unless that was the given role for it at that moment. It was a collection that their friends actually asked to be shown and to borrow and that had the potential to maybe lead to something worthwhile with them after the viewing.

     Valerina got bored with her success after a few years when all of the problems had been solved and most of the designs that were technically possible to do had been done and so she passed the CEO position on to an assistant who she’d been grooming for the role and she stayed home and waited for the next great idea to come to her.

    It so happened that her husband was between girls again at that time and he’d used her on four nights straight and on the fifth night he had just told her to wait up for him yet again before she went to sleep – he always waited until the end of Leno’s monologue before switching all the lights off and coming upstairs – and then he’d gone on to say, “Oh! Wait a minute, babe. This will please you no end. I overheard a guy at work telling an intern who had just got back from his honeymoon that women get really tired of the same old position night after night and that he should start in on doing the stuff that she really wants to do.”

     He didn’t see fit to mention that the guy had gone on to say that the other positions give pleasure mainly to the man but that his wife wouldn’t know that for sure if he put his case carefully.

      He went on, “So, later on I called him into my office and I asked him if he was sure about what he’d said about women needing variety and he said that he was positive. “It’s a well known fact,” he said. I asked him about these ‘other positions’ but he was too embarrassed to tell me, what with me being older and the head of the firm and all, so he said that I should give him an hour to go to his home and then he’d come back with something that had all the answers.

    “Well, he did just that and look what he came up with, will you? He gave me these.”

     He had both a Sally and a Richard in his hands.

     “There’s a booklet that comes with them that shows all the ways that you can get them to do it. You’ll be amazed for sure when you see them. Well, I mentioned it to Vinnie, who was driving me today, and when we got here and had parked he looked through the booklet and he said that there are lots of other positions that aren’t in there and he’s going to tell me about them when we’ve tried all of the ones that are in there. Wow! You won’t believe some of the illustrated ones so the ones that Vinnie knows must be extraordinary indeed and it’ll be great for us to try all of the new ways won’t it?

     “Y’know, even before this happened I’d begun to think about changing my life style. Maybe it’s time we switched to drinking ‘Champagne’ together before our taste buds dry up and maybe I’ve had my share of `Chianti’ already. Ho boy! Wait until you find out what we’ve been missing out on all these years.”

       Valerina knew that she’d have to get through that night with only whatever help she could find in the liquor and the medicine cabinets but she’d already determined that she’d better have a long talk with Vinnie the next morning.

     He didn’t know it yet but he was going to experience a memory lapse at once and he was very shortly going to go into the young girl procuring business with a vengeance.

     She went upstairs with a heavy heart and when it got to be a quarter of an hour to midnight she put down her book and went into her bathroom where she, as usual, applied some lubric… – uh – she applied some lubrication and then, also as usual, she sprayed a little perfume, strategically, and then, by no means as usual, she took the small tube of KY Jelly with her and she put it on her bedside table where it would be handy because she hadn’t been able to see exactly which models of Sally and Richard he’d been given.

    She prayed to God that they didn’t have all of the latest modifications and as few as possible of the available features and none at all of the exotic, far-out extras.