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Well, the world cup is over – it was like Christmas every day for a
month in my house – so I can get back to work.

There was only one of the ridiculous penalty-kick shoot-out endings but
even so there was enough anguish generated by it to seriously disturb an entire

          The players say they are too tired to do anything tricky after a tie so why not use the replacements – there are many of them sitting around – to play anther half hour and then, if there’s still no clear result why not experiment with suspending the off-side rule for fifteen minutes or so and/or setting something up like corner kicks with only the goalkeeper and two attackers and only three touches
of the ball allowed.        

      One more thing – no player of that category should ever miss a penalty shot. There are several spots in which no goalkeeper on earth can get to and every player should be able to hit one of them consistently and unerringly.


        So, back to work it is but because it’s summer time and the days – while long
admittedly – are all overly crowded the next few Short Stories will live up to
their name.